Fashion & The Home: Achieving Style Where You Live

Despite what many of us might assume, the truth is that fashion applies to much more than just our personal looks and outfits. The fact is that it is also something of importance when you are looking to improve your interior design. Everyone wants to be proud of the home they live in, and this often means that you need to pay attention to the styles in that space, just as you would with your personal fashion choices. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which you can hope to achieve much more in terms of style within your home. You might be surprised at how easy it is to do that.


Applying Your Minimalist Design to the Outside of Your Home

Picture1.pngWhen people talk about minimalism, they usually refer to interior design. Clean furniture, zero clutter, neutral colours and simple but functional designs are the hallmarks of good minimalistic design. However, as much as we praise the style of being a mix of form and function with no compromise, we rarely think about minimalism on the outside of our homes. This is usually because minimalism is easier to apply when there is a lot of clutter in the home. The outsides of our home are usually free of clutter unless you have a large front and back yard.


Tips: How to Keep Your Space Clean & Safe


A safe and clean home is what we all want, right? Well, instead of list of bad habits you should avoid, here are a list of good habits you should pick up in order to help attain that kind of home!


Home Decor

I am kind of excited to move out soon, for a few reasons (but of course I would miss my fam), one being decorating the apartment! Here are some items I would purchase to decorate my apartment.

A key & letter holder. This one is so so cute!

A key & letter holder. This one is so so cute!

Candles, of course!

fall-candles creative-candles-thanksgiving-photos

Some decor:

indoor-hanging-plant-pot-decoration-idea-for-hallway-makeover-indoor-plants-and-mini-garden-setups-to-inspire-you-how-to-plant-an-indoor-vegetable-garden-small-indoor-garden-indoor-cat-garden-plants home-decorating-ideas-creating-the-home-decorating-ideas-on-the1067-x-1444-287-kb-jpeg-x SONY DSC decorations-interior-tasteful-black-iron-crafted-pieces-of-art-for-wall-art-ideas-attach-at-white-wall-painted-in-white-living-room-wall-decor-ideas-beautiful-wall-art-ideas-for-your-wall-spaces-decor-1024x926

A stylish clock:


An aesthetic rug:


Look how nifty and stylish this curtain holder is!


A fancy fruit bowl (cos, you know, everyone needs one 😉 ):


And every gal needs their flowers, right?

Vase of white flowers interior-wonderful-cerative-design-of-flower-centerpieces-table-decoration-flower-centerpieces-design home-decor-artificial-flower-arrangements

Let me know your essential home decor piece which makes your house feel like home or just something you find aesthetic!

Amy x