Home Decor

I am kind of excited to move out soon, for a few reasons (but of course I would miss my fam), one being decorating the apartment! Here are some items I would purchase to decorate my apartment.

A key & letter holder. This one is so so cute!

A key & letter holder. This one is so so cute!

Candles, of course!

fall-candles creative-candles-thanksgiving-photos

Some decor:

indoor-hanging-plant-pot-decoration-idea-for-hallway-makeover-indoor-plants-and-mini-garden-setups-to-inspire-you-how-to-plant-an-indoor-vegetable-garden-small-indoor-garden-indoor-cat-garden-plants home-decorating-ideas-creating-the-home-decorating-ideas-on-the1067-x-1444-287-kb-jpeg-x SONY DSC decorations-interior-tasteful-black-iron-crafted-pieces-of-art-for-wall-art-ideas-attach-at-white-wall-painted-in-white-living-room-wall-decor-ideas-beautiful-wall-art-ideas-for-your-wall-spaces-decor-1024x926

A stylish clock:


An aesthetic rug:


Look how nifty and stylish this curtain holder is!


A fancy fruit bowl (cos, you know, everyone needs one πŸ˜‰ ):


And every gal needs their flowers, right?

Vase of white flowers interior-wonderful-cerative-design-of-flower-centerpieces-table-decoration-flower-centerpieces-design home-decor-artificial-flower-arrangements

Let me know your essential home decor piece which makes your house feel like home or just something you find aesthetic!

Amy x


  1. I don’t want to move off campus, because I liked being in the center of everything, with that being said, I’m dying to get an apartment so I can decorate! I love it so much! And also, on a side note, I want a cat!

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  2. When I moved into my apartment this year, I couldn’t wait to decorate! One big thing for me was getting my own vanity/table set up so I could have all my makeup spread out! It’s wonderful having your own space. I’m excited for you!

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  3. Wow, great ideas! I love the letter and key holder. (I can never have enough flowers!) πŸ˜‰
    I bsessed with this new ring holder I got and a really cool wall hanging craft supply holder!
    Keep up the great work, I love your blog!

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  4. I love seeing home decor from other people! The key holder is adorable. I like your taste~
    I definitely need flowers in my home and big space for shoes ^^

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