Sportsgirl Quick-Fix Dry Shampoo

Heeey guys! This is my second review and it’s going to be on the Sportsgirl Quick-fix Dry Shampoo.

2014-12-18 12.54.16

Rate: 1/5

Cost: $16.95

Available at: Sportsgirl

It works OK if you apply it the night before but it does seem to cause some dandruff. If you apply it in the morning, it leaves a white stain on your hair & powdery spots and does not absorb well (although this may not affect you as much if your hair is lighter). However it has a HORRIBLE odour; I have to block my nose while using it and move to another room so the smell doesn’t linger in my room. I will definitely not buy this product again and do not recommend it – the price is quite high as well (I’m glad I bought it with a gift card).

Let me know in the comments about your favourite dry shampoo, I desperately need one! (Sorry for the really negative review, haha!)

Amy x


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