Review: Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

Hi everyone!

I’ve got another review from you with a product I’ve recently become OBSESSED with, like seriously, I want to buy 10 bottles. I believe that there are 3 different scents you can get this spray moisturiser in but I decided to get it in cocoa glow. Onto the review!

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2015-01-23 12.17.38

How it looks when sprayed on.

Price: $10

Packaging: I love the simple packaging of this moisturiser – it is light weight and therefore perfect for travel. This moisturiser is so handy especially when traveling as you don’t need to lug around a bottle of lotion. It has a resealable lid which twists, ensuring that product isn’t unintentionally sprayed out.


To be honest, everything. I am completely in love with this product. The scent of it is AMAZING – I’m not that great at describing smells but it has a sweet, light chocolaty scent to it (not over powering at all). This moisturiser makes me look forward to getting out of the shower just to use it – the smell is to die for! Most importantly, it is really moisturising (my boyfriend said my skin feels a lot softer without knowing I started using this, which is awesome and proves it works, hehe), however I still am required to use this everyday after my shower otherwise my skin does feel a little dry, but this may because I have very dry skin. This moisturiser is super easy to apply, absorbs lightning fast and does not feel your skin feeling sticky and doesn’t make you look like you just put tons of moisturiser on – definite pros!


As stated above I do need to use this everyday after I shower if I want my skin to stay feeling moisturised, meaning that it’s probably has a 4/5 effectiveness (although my skin is really dry).


YES! This is by far my favourite product I have tried in the past few months – I think the price is reasonable as well, but if this goes on sale, I shall prepare myself for an empty wallet! This is a lightweight, beautifully scented moisturiser which absorbs unbelievably fast. It is perfect if you’re on the go, lounging at home or even before a date (I can’t express how wonderful it smells, you have to try it for yourself!).

Sportsgirl Quick-Fix Dry Shampoo

Heeey guys! This is my second review and it’s going to be on the Sportsgirl Quick-fix Dry Shampoo.

2014-12-18 12.54.16

Rate: 1/5

Cost: $16.95

Available at: Sportsgirl

It works OK if you apply it the night before but it does seem to cause some dandruff. If you apply it in the morning, it leaves a white stain on your hair & powdery spots and does not absorb well (although this may not affect you as much if your hair is lighter). However it has a HORRIBLE odour; I have to block my nose while using it and move to another room so the smell doesn’t linger in my room. I will definitely not buy this product again and do not recommend it – the price is quite high as well (I’m glad I bought it with a gift card).

Let me know in the comments about your favourite dry shampoo, I desperately need one! (Sorry for the really negative review, haha!)

Amy x