Transform Your House Into A Home From Hollywood


If you are a keen follower of home design trends, you might have browsed some of the styles of Hollywood homes and mansions of the stars. Perhaps, you would love to replicate their type of style in your home. Maybe, you want to feel as though you are coming home to a beautiful mansion in the hills of Hollywood. Here are some of the features that you should consider adding to your property.

Automatic Electronic Gates

The first step that you might want to consider is a change to the outside of the home. You can add a large iron gate that looks awesome and opens automatically or with a clicker as you drive up to it. Perhaps, you would love to feel like a member of the elite or rich and famous. A gate like this will certainly do the trick, and it can be set up for just a few hundred. With a gate like this, you’ll certainly feel like you are living in a home of the stars. Make sure you speak to a professional designer about this possibility before you go for it.

Wondrous Water Features

How about a beautiful water feature somewhere around the exterior of your property? You might think that a feature like this has to cost a fortune, but that’s not true. You can design your own little water feature that looks fantastic and doesn’t cost very much to set up or run at all. All you need to do is dig a trench a few inches deep. Add some rocks to the end and bury a pipe in the trench. Run the water through the pipe, and you’ll be able to create a beautiful effect with the wet rocks at the end of the trench. Alternatively, you can invest more money and get a fully functional water fountain. You may need to spend at least a few thousand if you would like a fountain that looks ostentatious and fashionable.

Fabulous Floors

You need to make sure that you do have the right floors in your home. Very rarely these days will you see a luxury home with carpet. Many people think that the best alternative is laminate flooring. However, if you want a home that looks phenomenal and like a beautiful house of the stars, you need to think bigger. You should consider getting polished concrete flooring which can be installed by a company like FKR Construction. This beautiful floors will catch the light and glisten wonderfully while giving your home a minimalistic design.

Sparkling Spotlights

It should come as no surprise that the home of the stars are often filled with spotlights. Though, these lights are not to catch them but rather the key areas and features inside their home from beautiful pieces of furniture to stunning fit-ins. The right spotlight can show a certain room or area is the centerpiece and draw attention to it.

Take some of this advice, and your home will look like a house of the stars.

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