The Ultimate Guide To An #Insta Worthy Home

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Not only do we have to get our interiors looking the way that we love, but we also have the pressure of showing them off to the world over social media as well! Luckily, this can be kind of fun, especially if you love decorating and making your home the best it can be. Although, no matter how much of a wiz at interior design you are it’s likely you could benefit from some tips like the ones below. Therefore, read on to find out how to get a home that is #Insta worthy.

Strip it back

The first tip that you can benefit from if you are looking to make your interior space #Insta worthy is to strip back what you have so you can see the space you are working with.

It is vital to do this because otherwise, you can end up making a big decision about the structure of your interiors and the design without really assessing what you’ve got. Of course, this can be disastrous because you may end up paying for things you don’t need or installing things that won’t work in the space you have.

To that end remove the furniture from a room before you start to plan your decor and renovation work.


Once you have a blank canvas and have decided what work the room will need you can start in on the renovation. Now, anyone that says improvements are easy is lying, but there are some ways that you can reduce the stress and hassle involved.

One tactic is to use a professional house renovation company to help you do all the hard work. In fact, doing so can work very well too, because not only are they expert at the construction side of things, they also know the best way to minimise and clear up any mess that the work makes.

Pick style

Once your renovations are done it’s time to pick the decorative style that you want to use. Of course, some looks are notably trending at the moment from which you can choose.

One is monochrome minimalism, where your keep furniture and accessories to a minimum, go for white, black and grey only, and choose low-profile pieces to create a spacious and Zen feel.

Another look you may wish to go for is the Bohemian vibe that is set to be so popular this summer. Think bamboo, basket weave, mandalas, floor cushions, and as much natural greenery as you can fit in a room!

Natural light

Lastly, for a genuinely instagrammable space, you will need to consider how the natural light behaves in a room. Large picture windows are a boon, but even if you don’t have the most magnificent natural light, there are things you can do to boost this.

Why not try a sun tube that transport light from another area of the house? Alternatively, clever use of light reflective paint and mirrors can also make a space seem as bright as possible, and ensure your room is not only a pleasure to spend time in but will also get plenty of likes on the ‘ gram.


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