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Gadgets That Make Traveling So Much Easier

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In today’s world of technology, things can be easier than ever – that includes travelling.

Whether travelling alone or with the family, there are a few gadgets that definitely make things easier, so we’ve listed a few of our favourites below.



Turning Your Garden Into Your Own Special Sanctuary

Image result for pretty garden lightsGardens are such an underestimated space to have because so many people tend to focus solely on the inside of their house and how they can improve it. And yet so many people forget about the open space of nature they have waiting outside for them. This is where the magic happens, this is where you throw the best barbecue parties and have a laugh with your favourite people. But not only that, most importantly, your garden is for you, to be enjoyed as a safe space to run off too when things are too chaotic indoors. So if you’re ready to turn that empty garden into a special sanctuary, here are some ideas to get you on the right track.


Creating A Bedroom That Can Calm You Down

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It’s true that our home should be our sanctuaries, a place to retreat from the world when it all gets too much to handle. From that cosy reading corner where you can escape into a good book to the bathroom where you can soak and soothe away worries to a beautiful garden that gives you a slice of nature, our home environments have the power to really influence our mood. And there’s nowhere that concept is more acute than in our bedrooms. The bedroom is quite literally the inner sanctum – the space where we recharge our batteries, both literally and metaphorically, reconnect with our partner and achieve our most relaxed state – sleep. With a super fast, always on modern lifestyle, our bedrooms can really help support our peace of mind. If you share a home with friends, family or housemates, often it can be the only space which is truly yours alone. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your bedroom a calming place to be. With a few simple tricks, you could soon be floating away on a little cloud of zen…


Country Life: Ideas For A Large Garden

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The best thing about living in a rural area is all that space. Long walks along trails and breathing in the fresh air are just part of an early morning rise. The green hills and the interaction with wildlife are perhaps the most attractive thing about living out in the countryside. If you are lucky enough and of course wealthy enough to buy your own property in this kind of location, you’re probably wondering what to do with your own space. The garden for many country homes is quite large and perhaps is one of the reasons why the price tag is so high on average. Large gardens look great when they are mown and the lawn is well kept, but over time even this can get a bit boring. A flat space with nothing much happening doesn’t quite seem all that attractive when you compare it to the options you have. So what are those options that you are missing?


The Challenges Of A Small Bathroom: Resolved!

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The list of bathroom complaints is long. Too cold. Dull. Moist. Old-fashioned. Inadequate. But the one thing everyone can agree about is how much we dislike small bathrooms. Indeed, the sole idea of getting ready in the cramped room in the morning is enough to give some cold sweat.


Ideas For Looking After Your Home

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Looking after our home means lots of things to different people. For some, it means cleansing or purifying the air using a smudge stick and others opt for a deep clean. Another option open for you is to update the decor so that it feels fresh and positive. In fact, the previously two mentioned options can both be done alongside some decorating for complete home attention.


Last Word In Luxury

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This year is the year of adding a little more luxuriance into your life. Don’t think you’ve got the budget to lux up your life? Think again. With a little creativity and, yes a little spending, you can bring some real decadence and luxury into your interiors that will help you feel a million dollars.

We take a look at ten design and furnishing hacks that are guaranteed to look and feel like you’ve spent a fortune. If you’re looking to ditch the minimal look and bring about some more softness to your designs, then look no further.