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Collective Haul May 2015: Priceline 40% Off Hair, Makeup & Candles

2015-04-30 19.20.03-1

Hi guys!

So I didn’t think I’d be doing another haul so quickly but I swear this shall be my last for awhile – my bank needs a break. This month I bought (more) beauty products such as products from Maybelline (I did a separate haul for that so click here if you’d like to see that), Rimmel and Australis as well as picked up some hair styling products from priceline during their 40% off hair products sale. Onto the haul! Sorry that I didn’t keep the receipts for some of these, I didn’t plan to end up doing a haul.



Maybelline Haul // Chemist Warehouse 50% Off Maybelline Haul – May 2015

Hey guys!

So today I’ve got another haul for y’all. I hadn’t planned to go shopping until my next holidays but I saw that Chemist Warehouse was having a 50% off the whole Maybelline range so I HAD to go – who can resist a great sale! I thought it was perfect timing too because I had planned to buy their Master Precise Eyeliner as soon as I saw it on sale somewhere. I thought I’d share what I bought with you guys so enjoy – also the sale is still on so get to your Chemist Warehouse ASAP before it ends!

Aussie makeup is super expensive so 50% is definitely a big deal! I had actually wanted to try out all these products so this was a perfect chance to grab them all.

2015-04-30 19.20.03-1

Everything I bought totaled to $41.38.