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Hey guys!

I’ve got a super exciting post for y’all today and that is my second OOTD & a mini review on a Sash & Belle handbag. Hope you guys enjoy!

2018-02-22 15.23.542018-02-22 15.16.36

I was going out with my boyfriend to the city on that day. I thought I’d keep it casual and comfy yet somewhat stylish/elegant.

Outfit details

  • Top – ICE Design
  • Pants – Temt
  • Bag – Sash & Belle
  • Shoes – Vans

The main focal point of my outfit is this gorgeous bag by Sash & Belle. The style that I’m wearing is Eden in ‘dark brown’. It retails for $89.95 and is made of vegan leather. I’m a huge handbag/bag fanatic so I was thrilled to add this handbag to my collection. I can definitely say this bag is extremely well made and great quality. The zippers are very smooth and not rigid at all – it is so annoying when the zipper for your bag gets stuck easily… am I right?

One of the things I love about this bag is that it has two different compartments and although the handbag looks rather small, it actually holds a lot of things. The compartments expand outwards and are very spacious. I’m able to carry a mini hair detangler in there without it bulging out and creating a weird shape in the bag (along with other essentials of course) so you can see that it’s really holds quite a lot. I love how casual this bag looks and I also love how the inside is lined with a royal purplish material – it gives a luxe feel to the bag.

I think this is a great everyday handbag for brunch, shopping or a day out with friends. I love that you can dress this bag up or down; I decided to dress it down in my outfit and it was obsessed with how it went with my outfit.

If you guys are looking for a casual handbag I’d definitely recommend checking out this one! Sash & Belle also have other types of bags including leather handbags, backpacks and other casual & work handbags.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I really enjoyed taking the photos (or well, getting my photos taken by my boyfriend haha)! Let me know if you’d like more OOTD’s in the future.

Amy x


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