Review: Bayeco Green Tea Night Cream & Serum

2018-02-26 22.23.03

Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a review for y’all on Bayeco’s Green Tea Nourishing Night Cream & their Green Tea Multi Action Serum. Bayeco is actually a new beauty brand in Australia. If you’d like to learn more about the brand and their products please keep reading!

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Here’s a little blurb on Bayeco:

Bayeco was founded with the one mission: To help women look beautiful on the outside and to feel confident on the inside.

Our products have been carefully formulated by a pharmacist with the goal of creating natural skincare without compromising on the feel and effectiveness of the product. At Bayeco, we use natural ingredients from farm grown botanicals paired with researched and proven actives. The result is an innovative skincare range that you can use confidently to achieve results without the use of harmful chemicals and irritants.

All of our products are made in Australia to comply with the highest quality standards.
We are confident that you will like Bayeco because our products:

  • Use proven actives to achieve beautiful looking skin
  • Are pharmacist formulated using researched information
  • Contain no parabens, SLSs, phthalates, mineral oils or formaldehydes.
  • Do not contain ingredients such as Vitamin A, AHAs, salicylic acids, hydroquinone, or essential oils not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Have a 30 Day money back guarantee

Check out which botanicals and proven active ingredients we use to see why you will love using Bayeco.

It’s great to know that they use natural ingredients in their skincare rather than harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your skin. I love to know what I’m putting on my face is natural and not chemical-ridden.

Green Tea Nourishing Night Cream

I really enjoy trying out new night creams and this one was no exception. The green tea scent is subtle, which I like and smells divine. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the green tea scent, I don’t think this one would bug you that much. For a night cream the main thing I look for is whether it is nourishing, hydrating and NOT heavy feeling. I hate the feeling of a heavy cream on my face – I want the best of both worlds; hydrating, nourishing yet light on the face. I was pleasantly surprised by this night cream! When applying it it feels quite thick and hydrating which I liked but was concerned at first. After I finished applying it to my skin it seriously felt like nothing and sunk into my skin. After using this cream for about 2 weeks my skin is definitely hydrated and glowy (also thanks to the serum!).

Green Tea Multi Action Serum 

This serum is a great accompliment to the green tea night cream. It does have a thicker consistency than other serums which I am used to but it’s not heavy. The scent is also very subtle in the serum, almost unnoticeable but smells pleasant. I find that this serum goes super well with the night cream as my face looks hydrated and glowy in the morning after!

The packaging of both products is also super nice. I love the clean, chic look of the products. I also love the fact that the serum comes with a pump! I prefer pump bottles rather than the squeezy droppers/tubes for serums.

I can tell that the quality of these products is very high compared to other products I have tried in the past. It honestly feels like a mask of hydration over my face after I’ve finished using the serum and night cream, ugh I can’t get enough of it – it feels so nice. I mean, you guys know when a product works or not and this one definitely works for me.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Bayeco if you’re after natural, high quality skincare. They also have free shipping in Australia over $30 which is great! They also have a cleanser and an eye cream from what I’ve seen on their website, I’m definitely keen to give their eye cream a go when I have a chance.

Hope you guys enjoyed my review!

Amy x

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