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Here’s Why You Should Replace Your Carpet

When was the last time you replaced the carpets in your home? So many people move into a new property, and they don’t look at how long they should be waiting before they replace the carpet to ensure that the house looks and feels great. Carpeting is supposed to invite you into the room and you feel welcome and cosy, the unfortunate thing is that it wears out.

If you know you need to rip the carpet up but you’re not sure with which material to replace them, take a look at the Tilemall website. Do you have to have carpet in every room of the home? Have you considered tiles or wood flooring instead? You’ve got decisions to make about many different flooring options but we’ve got some of the most important reasons that you should replace your old carpet as soon as you notice it start to wear down.


Creating A Sense Of Luxury Through Your Fixtures

When it comes to making decor changes in the home, especially making your home look more lux, too much focus often goes on the furniture. It’s true that your furniture can play a big role in determining the aesthetic of the home, but that’s not the only way to do it. You can manifest it throughout the whole room and make it a consistent part of your design by digging deeper into the fixtures, instead.


Minimalist Makeup Tips For A Fresh Look

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The craze for minimalist makeup looks is largely due to an increasing need to appear as simple as possible. The minimalist makeup is strikingly different from the natural look. According to makeup experts, it is more about accentuating facial features with the least amount of beauty products, the exact opposite of heavy makeup. According to news articles, many Aussie women are embracing minimalist makeup. It, therefore, makes sense that 51% of them invest in the appropriate cosmetics and beauty products to help them achieve that look. If you’re part of this group, here are some tips to achieve the minimalist makeup look.


How To Add Elegance To Your Living Room

Most people who would like an elegant living room, also have ideas that are way beyond their budget. Let’s be honest, the word elegance doesn’t exactly inspire the word budget, does it? The thing is, there is no real reason that you have to bust your budget just to have a little class and elegance in your living space. In fact, you can have an elegant look in your living room no matter what your budget is!

You can add plenty of elegance to living space with simple changes, such as curtains changed to indoor plantation shutters, or indoor real flowers changing to plastic greenery. Your living space can convey elegance as long as you want it to, you just have to figure out how you can spend less money to do it. Below, we have several ways that you can add a little class and elegance to your living space, so that you can feel happy with where you are living.


Move Or Improve? Which Option Is Best For You?

Many of us reach a crossroads in life, which requires us to choose between staying in our current homes or moving to pastures new. Moving house can be stressful, but it can also open doors. If you’re trying to make a decision, here are some tips to help you choose between moving and improving. 


Looking & Feeling Good: The Connection

Happy-girl-winter-snow-wallpaper.jpgThey say that when you look good, you feel good – it’s an age old saying that has been around for generations, but what does it mean? Why does how we appear physically impact how we feel about ourselves and our self-esteem – what’s the link between these two things? It’s time to find out – let’s delve a little deeper and determine why when we look good we tend to feel good.


How to Find the Right Jewellery for Every Situation

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When you’re putting together an outfit, you have to think about how every part of it works together. From your shoes to your hairstyle (or hat), your clothing should be appropriate for the event and it should say something about your personality and style.

Putting together an outfit should also include your accessories, such as jewellery. But you wouldn’t wear the same clothes for a casual hangout as you would for a formal wedding. But what about your jewellery? How can you plan your jewellery around your situation?