Got a Talent for Art and Design? Here’s How to Use It

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

If you have a talent for art and design, then your options have never been better. Creative projects are everywhere these days and fuel specific industries as the outward face.

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Develop 3D Spec Products

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is a highly skilled profession. More than merely designing projects, CAD is useful when there are specific measurements and specifications to be made. Examples include vehicle parts manufacture, electronic engineering and even jewellery design. For example, companies like Ordekian ( offer bespoke pieces to customers, and these pieces must first be accurately modelled for the best results possible.

Consider a Career in Architecture

Architecture is, of course, the best form of art and design in the real world. But the way is long. To become an architect, you need to get a bachelor’s degree, work for at least a year, and then study for a few years. But your hard work will pay off. The average salary for an architect in the US is over $40,000. Still, there are lots of chances for talented people to do specialised work where you can earn much more. Dedication, skills and experience are all you need to succeed.

Use Your Talent for Art and Design in Interior Decorating

Interior design is becoming more and more popular because everybody wants the perfect home. A decorator is like a personal stylist for the home. You will be hired to create a mood in the house that matches the style of your client. You will need to learn how to change the look of a space with paint, fabric, and accessories like lights and mirrors. To work with clients face-to-face, you’ll also need to be able to talk to them well to understand what they really want.

Try Social Media Ad Graphics

Today, social media ads bring in a lot of money. And because social media is based on visuals, getting involved in the creative process can be a great way to build a career. Graphics for social media are pictures that can be shared on social networks. This could include Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Graphics for social media need to be designed outside of the box, use colours well, and incorporate some form of interactivity via programmable elements.

Try Your Hand at Video Game Production

All projects in video games are a mix of art and science. Games have everything, from making levels and writing stories to make electronic music and making AIs that are very smart. The way a video game looks is a big part of how it is made. As a video game artist, you can get in on the ground floor of the coolest gigs in the industry. Some of these are concept art, modelling in-game environments and characters with 3DS Max and Maya, and even designing decals.


If you have a talent for art and design, you can make an excellent career for yourself. Some great jobs include CAD projects, interior design and decorating, and video game art production.

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