Here’s Why You Should Replace Your Carpet

When was the last time you replaced the carpets in your home? So many people move into a new property, and they don’t look at how long they should be waiting before they replace the carpet to ensure that the house looks and feels great. Carpeting is supposed to invite you into the room and you feel welcome and cosy, the unfortunate thing is that it wears out.

If you know you need to rip the carpet up but you’re not sure with which material to replace them, take a look at the Tilemall website. Do you have to have carpet in every room of the home? Have you considered tiles or wood flooring instead? You’ve got decisions to make about many different flooring options but we’ve got some of the most important reasons that you should replace your old carpet as soon as you notice it start to wear down.

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Stains. You can call-in as many carpet professionals as you like, but there are some stains in carpet that just don’t go away. If you are dealing with carpets that are riddled with stains, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you replace the carpet in those areas. If you have children in the house, your carpet is more likely to be stained than even if you have pets in the house. Consider using low maintenance flooring options for high traffic areas and you will have a lot less stress when it comes to cleaning.
  2. Smells. Carpets that have been left damp for too long can grow and start to smell mouldy. When you have pets tracking dirt in from the outside the carpets are going to smell awful. When your toddler keeps splashing milk all over the floor – do you know where this is going? Sometimes even the deepest cleaning machinery can’t penetrate the smell, so replacing the carpet may be your only option.
  3. It’s wearing unevenly. When you are using the front door of the house and walking into the home, this becomes a high traffic area. There will be a lot of footfall through the day as people move in and out of the house and this is wearing the carpet right down. You’re going to notice when this happens because some of the carpet around the edges will remain looking more towards its new condition, and the middle will be flattened down and the colour can even come out of it. This is a good sign that it needs a replacement.
  4. Trends and tastes are changing. If you are still using the same carpets you had when you first moved into your property, the chances are that the trends have completely changed and the colour of the carpet, the type of carpet and even the type of flooring is no longer relevant. If you want your home modern and on point, switch out your carpet and upgrade it for something better. You will notice a difference pretty much straight away.

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