Turning Your Garden Into Your Own Special Sanctuary

Image result for pretty garden lightsGardens are such an underestimated space to have because so many people tend to focus solely on the inside of their house and how they can improve it. And yet so many people forget about the open space of nature they have waiting outside for them. This is where the magic happens, this is where you throw the best barbecue parties and have a laugh with your favourite people. But not only that, most importantly, your garden is for you, to be enjoyed as a safe space to run off too when things are too chaotic indoors. So if you’re ready to turn that empty garden into a special sanctuary, here are some ideas to get you on the right track.

Clean the place up

Before you start transforming your garden for the best, you’re going to need to clean the place up so that you have essentially a blank canvas to then make beautiful. So trim down any overgrown brushes. Cut away any dead leaves that are dragging your healthy plants down. And whatever you do, make sure that you remove those pesky weeds that lurk in your garden. These will grow and grow and spread everywhere unless you do something about them. While there are plenty of chemicals that get rid of them temporarily, the best course of action is really by removing the weeds from the root, which means using your hands.

An outdoor patio

If you do find yourself spending a lot of time in the garden and wish to have a specific area built to sit under and reflect on your day – even when it’s raining, then thinking about outdoor patios could certainly allow you to achieve this. They not only look beautiful, but they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and structures that you can essentially create your very own space that’s completely personal to you, giving you an area to unwind and look up at the stars in the sky at night, while sipping on a nice glass of wine.

The use of lighting

Lighting is such a powerful source and can change an atmosphere almost immediately by the kind of lighting you choose, but it isn’t only important for the inside of a space, but the outside too. Just think about sitting out in your garden once the sun goes down, with subtle glows of warmth around you to keep things feeling magical. There are so many ways that you can do this, from hanging up lanterns on any tree branches or anything else you can find. As well as fairy lights that you can wrap around an object. Or keep it simple by putting some tealight candles into some mason jars and placing them anywhere you wish.

Now you have some ideas that get you on the right track, have a think about other special touches that you can add to your garden. You have full range to do whatever you please as it belongs to you. So if you want to let loose, go crazy, and paint your fences magenta – so be it.

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