Creating A Bedroom That Can Calm You Down

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It’s true that our home should be our sanctuaries, a place to retreat from the world when it all gets too much to handle. From that cosy reading corner where you can escape into a good book to the bathroom where you can soak and soothe away worries to a beautiful garden that gives you a slice of nature, our home environments have the power to really influence our mood. And there’s nowhere that concept is more acute than in our bedrooms. The bedroom is quite literally the inner sanctum – the space where we recharge our batteries, both literally and metaphorically, reconnect with our partner and achieve our most relaxed state – sleep. With a super fast, always on modern lifestyle, our bedrooms can really help support our peace of mind. If you share a home with friends, family or housemates, often it can be the only space which is truly yours alone. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your bedroom a calming place to be. With a few simple tricks, you could soon be floating away on a little cloud of zen…

Have a Decluttering Session

Most of us are guilty of hanging on to too much unnecessary junk – physically and mentally. Think of the lurking contents of your bedside tables and your wardrobe and dresser as the inside of your brain – are they useful, beautiful and neat or is it a complete mess in there? Our environments are a reflection of our internal energy, so a huge sense of peace can be found in the simple act of decluttering – streamlining what you have and organising what you keep. The KonMari method has changed many lives and is well worth looking into.

Use The Psychology of Colour

The colours around us can make a real contribution to our state of mind – some are energising and uplifting (like a strong yellow) while others are soothing and restful (like a soft powder blue). What colours you choose to. Use in your bedroom should reflect the changes you want to see mentally. If calm is what you seek, restful tones of grey and cream can give an elegant, muted look. If you’re feeling a bit jaded, a splash of punchy orange can lift your mood. Try looking into colour therapy for a quick fix that won’t cost the earth.

Create A Sleep Haven

The single most important thing we do in our bedrooms? Sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is absolutely fundamental to our wellbeing. Without enough shut eye, our moods suffer, we have trouble focusing, we make bad choices with our diets and we don’t have enough energy to exercise. Good sleep hygiene can transform our mental state, so make sure you invest in a quality mattress and soft, comfortable bedding, as well as extras such as blackout blinds or an aromatherapy diffuser if you really have trouble dropping off. You should also consider banning electronic devices from the bedroom – the blue light they emit has been proven to disrupt our levels of melatonin, the hormone which regulates sleep. Plus, starting the day with a dose of envy at the fake lives and Photoshop on Instagram is not going to set you up right!

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