Country Life: Ideas For A Large Garden

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The best thing about living in a rural area is all that space. Long walks along trails and breathing in the fresh air are just part of an early morning rise. The green hills and the interaction with wildlife are perhaps the most attractive thing about living out in the countryside. If you are lucky enough and of course wealthy enough to buy your own property in this kind of location, you’re probably wondering what to do with your own space. The garden for many country homes is quite large and perhaps is one of the reasons why the price tag is so high on average. Large gardens look great when they are mown and the lawn is well kept, but over time even this can get a bit boring. A flat space with nothing much happening doesn’t quite seem all that attractive when you compare it to the options you have. So what are those options that you are missing?

A place for the animals

Living out in the country, nature and wildlife are literally just an arms length away. So if you do own some kind of livestock or perhaps want to provide space for a local farmer on your own property, consider building rural sheds and garages. Even if you yourself are not a farmer, it’s quite common for residents that do have large open spaces to build structures that provide space for local farmers and their animals. A barn is a great place for horses and cows to reside in, eat, sleep and generally call their home. A farm shed gives the farmer a place where they can work. They might need to repair something and need a place where they can keep their tools and or vehicles. As long as you have the space these large structures won’t be any kind of problem when it comes to making a large space for country life and farmers.

Outdoor indoor pool

Without a doubt perhaps the best option is to build a large swimming pool. This is superb for leisure, and great if you’re holding large parties with family and friends. However taking into account that the weather might not always be solid and reliable in your part of the world, you can build an outdoor-indoor swimming pool. A structure over swimming pool can be built so that you can be indoors and swim while not being inside the house. This would mean that a vast structure would need to be built that can allow for many different things. You need space to lounge, a small kitchen so you can have breakfast by the pool, a changing area and maybe even a sauna. Even if it’s raining outside you can still come and enjoy an afternoon swim before dinnertime. This also means you can fit heating elements that can raise the temperature of the pool and not be constantly battling the weather overhead.

There is no finer way of living than country life. You have big open spaces all around where you can hike and explore, as well as be part of the wildlife. If you’re a farmer or perhaps want to make some money helping farmers, building a barn or farm shed would do nicely.


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