Gadgets That Make Traveling So Much Easier

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In today’s world of technology, things can be easier than ever – that includes travelling.

Whether travelling alone or with the family, there are a few gadgets that definitely make things easier, so we’ve listed a few of our favourites below.

TripCase: This handy little App is completely free from the App Store, and is also available for Android users.

It’s basically a one stop shop for all your travel information, including your boarding passes, hotel, train, and other reservations. Once you book your flight or travel arrangements online, you simply add the booking number to TripCase and it populates everything for you, so it’s all in one place.

TripCase will send you live updates about gate changes and anything else you need to keep tabs on, plus you have the added benefit of not needing any paper to travel with.

A Good Quality Backpack: Whilst backpacks have been traditonally focused on function over fashion, the rise in travelers – especially female solo travelers over the last ten years has really prompted a rise in stunning backpacks that are also highly functional, and these really do make a difference. Not only do they have space for everything from shoes to jewellery and even travel documents, but they allow you to travel without the stress of lugging heavy suitcases around and give you a lot more freedom compared to other forms of luggage.

Wallet: Similar to TripCase, but only available on iPhone, Wallet keeps all of your boarding passes and tickets in one place where you can access as needed.

This app is already on your iPhone if you have one, so there’s no need to download it – just ensure you keep it updated.

Selfie Stick: Although they’re certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, Selfie Sticks are massively popular among solo travellers, but they also prove very useful for couples and families who want to capture memories together without taking turns of being photographer, or asking a nice stranger to snap a shot while you stand awkwardly in front of a famous landmark.

Bluetooth Headphones & Speakers: Gone are the days when accessing music on the go was a difficult task, or one that required bulky objects and lots of cables that slightly resemble spaghetti. Nowadays, we can get pretty much everything on our phones, and bluetooth headphones mean that there are no risk of tangled cables.

Bluetooth speakers are another great thing to have as they allow everyone to listen to music at the same time, and the speakers simply pair up to your phone via bluetooth. These are ideal for the times when headphones aren’t needed for music.

Power Bank: Running out of battery is not something that most of us enjoy, but it’s especially important when travelling to make sure we’re connected in case anything goes wrong and we require help.

Power banks are portable chargers that can be charged up via USB and then carried around in your pocket or bag during the day so you never have to worry about running out of battery.


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  1. Great post! I’m travelling on a long flight next month and these are great tips for what to pack, will definitely follow for future posts!

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