How To Make Your Garden More Relaxing

tilt shift photography of butterflies

Spending time outdoors is a classic way to relax and relieve stress and tension. Making your garden your sanctuary is a great way to give yourself somewhere to unwind. If your garden is currently more of a source of stress than a source of calm, then you can make things more relaxing with these easy ideas. 

Make A Secluded Nook

If you garden is small, you can still create a place to relax. A secluded nook in the garden is a great place to get some time to yourself. Use fence panels, trellis or taller shrubs to create some privacy. Climbing vines or hanging plants on fences or trellis make a natural looking wall, that is both beautiful and offers some seclusion. 

Closing in your patio gives you a space that you can use a space to relax in. Add a comfy chair or lounger and you have the perfect space to hide from the world. 

Plant Fragrant Plants

Aromatherapy is a classic tool for relaxation, and lots of us are already used to using things like scented candles or incense to unwind at home. Add some relaxing scents to your garden with some beautifully fragrant plants. Whether you plant them near a seating area or use potted plants. Plants like lavender, clematis or gardenia are all good choices, as they release a sweet fragrance which is soothing without being overpowering. The scent will last all summer long for a garden that is naturally relaxing. 

Add Some Comfortable Seating

If you’re going to relax in the garden then you need to be comfortable. Add in some plush seating so you can relax properly. Choose chairs, small benches or loungers. The best options for garden seating are waterproof and easy to clean, so they will last well if they’re kept outside. 

Add some outdoor cushions for extra seating if you like to entertain, and add somewhere to store your new seating if you’re opted for something like foldable chairs or loungers. 

Buy Wind Chimes

Hang some wind chimes near your seating area for a calming element. Both bamboo and metal wind chimes are good for soothing noises that will stand up well to living in rain, snow or wind without getting damaged. Hang a few sets around the garden for a mix of restful sounds. 

Build A Water Feature

Water is always relaxing. A small pond or a waterfall can be very relaxing. Most people find the sound of running water is very soothing. The sound of it can also help to block out other noises, making this a great option if you live near a busy road. The water can block out distracting sounds that might be making your garden less relaxing. 

A water feature is beautiful too. Add pretty plants, or stock your pond with fish. Watching fish swim can be just as relaxing as the water sounds, making a pond a dual purpose relaxation tool. 

Choose Something Spiritual

If you’re a spiritual person, you could add some small statues of figures that you find comforting, whether that’s a Buddha statue or statues of angels. Engrave a meaningful quote on a plaque.

Give yourself something to focus on while you’re trying to unwind and let go of stress. 

Don’t Overdo It

It can be tempting when you’re designing a garden to get too excited by the decor options and choose too many different things. If you want a garden that is relaxing, you’re better off keeping the design and the decor elements simple. 

If you’re putting out potted plants, keep the containers simple. Choose simple textures like terracotta, oxidised metals or a light glaze. Your eye will be drawn around the space, but the garden won’t end up looking overcrowded. 

Choose larger pots and plant tall things like grasses. These can be moved around to section off different parts of the garden and create a feeling of privacy. 

Keep It Natural

Leave anything too harsh or high-tech in a garden that is meant to be soothing. Elements like this can be too distracting and won’t make it any easier for you to relax. 

Instead choose soft lines and angles. Pick materials like wicker or wood. You’re aiming to have a natural feeling garden with soft, flowing lines that invites you to relax and rest. 

Use Soft Colours

Pastel shades are immediately more relaxing than stronger colours, as they look pretty without being distracting. Use these colours in everything from the flowers that you choose to plant and the furniture that you  buy or paint. Soft, neutral colours will always be a soothing choice. 

Use Floor Cushions

Plush floor cushions are a good alternative to traditional seating, try floor cushions. Whether you don’t want a more traditional option of your garden is too small for it, then plush floor cushions are a comfortable option. Use a range of sizes and you have a great place to relax with a drink or a book. Cushions also make great options for extra seating if you run out of space for guests. 

Get The Lighting Right

The right lighting can help to set the mood for your garden, making it feel more relaxing. Solar lights are a popular option, as they are easy to install. They don’t need to be attached to your electricity supply to run, and solar energy is more environmentally friendly. The lights will automatically come on at night and light up your garden all night, whether you’re in need of something to light you along the garden path or for an evening spent unwinding in the garden. 

Candles are another ideal pick. A lightly scented option will not only be more relaxing but can help to deter insects from trying to join you evening too. Strings of lights are also a very pretty option to add soft, soothing light to the garden.

Try To Attract Wildlife

One of the great joys of having a garden is having somewhere to watch the wildlife up close. The best way to encourage animals to use your garden is to put out food for them. Hang some bird feeders to tempt some different bird life. Birds will appreciate the extra food, especially in the Winter. 

Plant flowers that appeal to butterflies to attract some beautiful creatures. Flowers that butterflies enjoy are also appealing to humans, as they tend to be bright with a sweet fragrance. 

Build A Gazebo

If you’re trying to add a private, relaxing space to your garden, but don’t want to use natural walls made of plants or trellis, then you could build a gazebo. This usually have walls on a few sides of the structure, with an open part. The roof gives you some privacy from the neighbours, and offers some shelter from the elements, whether you want a shaded area to sit or don’t want the rain to stop you from enjoying the garden. Add some climbing plants over the gazebo to make things look even prettier. 

Install A Swing

A swing doesn’t just have to be children. A swing seat or a large swinging bench seat are always going to be relaxing. Hang one from a branch, and you have a seat to relax in with a book while you gently sway back and forth. You could even add some climbing plants to the supports of the swing to help it blend in even more into the garden. 

Add Some Warmth

If you want to enjoy your garden in the evening, adding a source of light and warmth is a good idea. Something like a chiminea or a fire bowl will fill your garden with light and help to keep you warm if you’re relaxing in the garden at night, creating a calm atmosphere. 

Try To Declutter

If you’ve worked hard to create a calming space in your garden, then the last thing you want to do is to clutter up your new sanctuary with stuff. Instead, add in some storage options so your garden can stay neat and clean. A garden shed or a waterproof storage box both work well. They’ll keep things out of sight until you need them, and keep them safe from the weather. 

Make A Sand Garden

If you’re interested in wellness, then bring this hobby into your garden with a small sand garden. A sand garden creates a clear space that will be relaxing to look at, and you can relax in further by moving the sand around to create soothing patterns. Sand gardens make a great place for yoga, meditation or breathing exercises, if you enjoy this kind of practice. 

With a few clever design touches and some forethought for the plants and furniture you choose, you can create a garden that is a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Whether you want a garden that can be used as a space for your yoga practice or just want somewhere to sit in the evening with a glass of wine and a book, you can make your garden your haven. 

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