What’s The Air Like In Your Home?

The air in your home can be a complicated thing. Sure, it’s mostly fresh and clean and you feel safe breathing it in, but there are all kinds of particles in your home’s atmosphere that might make it difficult to breathe one day. While it doesn’t take much to spruce up your home, in truth, making sure you’re breathing in the air you deserve is a good way to make a small but impactful change. 

Seeing as the air in your home can be much dirtier than you ever thought, it’s definitely a good idea to open a few windows and see what you can do to make a long term change to your indoor air quality.  

Turn the Fan On

And we’re not talking about a desk fan that provides a refreshing breeze when you’re sitting doing some work! Sure, turning that one on is going to feel good, but when you’re living normally in your house, make sure you keep your ventilation and your extractor fans on. 

This is most important in the kitchen and bathroom – without a fan to filter the moisture and oil in the air right out, you’re going to be living with growing patches of damp and mold. However, you can also install an extractor in any room that needs regular ventilation, such as a home office or an art studio. 

Make Sure There’s Not a Clog

Next, you’re going to have to run some repairs of your own. After all, in both your central heating and your AC systems, you could be working with a lot of dust, which one day is going to lead to blockage and burning. Before that happens, you’re going to want to dig in a little, and make sure that the air flow isn’t being compromised – most of all, you’re probably going to need to change the filter

Indeed, you could also get in touch with a local HVAC Repair, to make sure the job is done properly. After all, it can be hard to DIY your own AC systems, especially if it’s house wide, and you don’t want to accidentally make the problem worse. 

Look for Warning Signs

Finally, make sure you know the most common warning signs of poor air quality. One of the most obvious is coughing with no other known cause, and you know for sure because you’ve seen a doctor. Check for mold, usually collections of black spots, in high places around your home. If you find them, you’re going to want to invest in a dehumidifier!  

Also, if you’re a pet owner, and there’s a lot of pet hair over the carpet, it’s a good sign you need to vacuum a bit more! Making sure there are no fine hairs in the air is one of the best ways to instantly clean up your home’s atmosphere. 

The air in your home might not be as clean as you like it, so make sure you’re committed to improving it. 

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