Revolutionize Your Self Esteem In 2021

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been devastating on many levels, but one of the most damaging effects has been on our mental health as a society. Spending almost all of 2020 indoors without much contact with our families, friends and work colleagues has been detrimental to many people’s mental health around the world. 

When your mental health is not doing great, one thing that suffers is your self esteem. You might feel like a failure, like you aren’t being productive enough, or that you won’t ever be able to gather yourself together and go back to normal. Of course, this isn’t true – you can do anything! – but you can easily fall into the trap of low self esteem in these situations.

If you can relate to these feelings, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for advice on how to revolutionize your self esteem in 2021!

  1. Taking Things One Day At A Time

During a global crisis like the one we are facing right now, it’s easy to drown in big-picture fears. How long will this last? Will we ever go back to normal? How many more people will we lose? These are totally valid questions to ask, but can make you feel powerless and small if you overthink them.

That’s why psychologists recommend taking things one day at a time You can’t change what happened yesterday, and you can’t predict what will happen tomorrow; by living in the present, you can feel in control, calm, and more confident than before. Making the most of the day takes the pressure off you to figure out what will happen tomorrow, boosting your self esteem through the roof!

  1. Connecting With Your Day-Ones

One way to make you feel like yourself again is by connecting with your day-one people; the ones you’ve known for years, and who never fail to make you smile. We all have those special friends and family members who uplift us no matter how bad we’re feeling.

Although it can be hard to connect with people right now, depending on where you are living and the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, there are always ways. You could do something as simple as taking a socially distanced walk in the park with an old friend, or connect with them over video chat. Don’t isolate yourself because the world is isolating you; find ways to connect, and you’re bound to regain your spirits in no time. 

  1. Using This Time To Work On Yourself

It can be tricky to find self esteem from within, so many people choose to work on themselves through the difficult times. This could be by choosing to eat healthily, investing in your appearance with FY Smile, or getting fitter than you were before. Working on yourself is a great way to boost your confidence – it shows you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

You will emerge from this time with a greater sense of purpose, knowing where you want to go in life. You got this – be proud of how far you’ve come!

One comment

  1. I agree with your post so much – because of the lockdown, I gained a total of 17kg in 2020 as I wasn’t able to do my job as an outdoor educator and I binge eat a lot, since there wasn’t much to do at that point of time. I hated the way I looked and felt so much at that point of time!

    I’m just glad that for 2021, with restrictions being lifted to a certain degree and here in Singapore, we can still continue our life (almost) as per normal, I can meet my friends, set outings to meet cousins that I’ve grown estranged from and actually work on myself. Thank you for the reminder of taking things one day at a time, that’s such simple and straightforward and yet at the same time, profound advice. 🙂


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