5 Things You Should Add To Your Home Maintenance Checklist

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Your home is your sanctuary, and so you should pay attention to keep it in top-notch shape all the time. It’s important to do that because you’ll be more comfortable and you can keep the value of your house up. So, whether you just survive a house move or you simply want to a new home look, these maintenance activities should never be missed.


  • Check walls and windows


A few things that can make your stay at home more unbearable include moisture and pests or bugs. On the way that these get into your home can be through cracked walls and faulty windows. So from time to time, it is advisable to perform checks for these things and fix them where necessary. Old windows should be replaced, and the cracks in the walls should be sealed with sealant. 


  • Checks for leaks 


Water can cause some damage to your home and, if not caught in time, can cost you a lot. It can facilitate the growth of mold and other things that could destroy the aesthetic and value of your home. So check for water, especially around the sinks, toilets, and any other place where water is likely to leak. If you notice anything, then take the necessary measures to put a stop to it before it gets out of hand. You can call professionals like Pinnacle Plumbing to help you resolve such issues quickly and effectively.


  • Maintain heating and cooling systems


Depending on the weather, you’re likely to need your heating and cooling systems to provide the best temperature for you. Therefore, make it a point to have these systems checked, preferably before you will need them so that when the time comes, you will be prepared. So, get someone to check the check, clean and replace vents as and when needed. You’re less likely to experience breakdowns at the type you need it the most.


  • Keep your floors clean


Your floors are another part of your house to maintain, depending on the material used. If you have carpets, then you should get them vacuumed or dry cleaned at least twice a week or as often as needed depending on the thickness or care needs. If you have wooden floors, clean them often, and consider refinishing them as needed. Spills, on any type of floor, should be cleaned immediately to prevent further damage from occurring.


  • Check the exterior


So far, you have some tips on how to protect the inside of your house, but what about the outside. Well, it is also nice to show that part of your house some love as well. So, what you can do is to go around the house, checking for wear and tear. Examine the paint, for example, and repaint if possible. Also, if you have a lawn, make sure to trim it regularly to keep it healthy.

You should take home maintenance seriously if you want to enjoy the time you spend there and make your home still valuable in case you want to sell. While you can perform some maintenance by yourself, there are others you shouldn’t try by yourself.



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