Everything You Need To Know About Mixing Up Your Interior


Mixing up styles in your interior can give you a really interesting look in your home. However, most people don’t know how to do this without looking absolutely crazy. Interiors like this might just look like the homeowner has casually put different colors and patterns together and made it look amazing, but they’ve usually thought about it far more than they let on.

If you want to mix up your interior, read on for everything you need to know:

Use Colour To Bring Your Furniture Together

The 80s made us believe that matching furniture was a must, but these days we know that that isn’t the case. If you’re going to buy furniture, don’t be afraid to mix it up. You can then use color to bring the furniture together, maybe by adding a set of matching cushions. Providing one thing matches, whether that’s color or material, you’ll be ok.

Invest In Your Home Accessories

Using lots of little accessories will do nothing but clutter a space. When you’re looking at home renovations remember to put some money aside for larger accessories that make a bigger and better impact.

Mix Lots Of Different Textures

Mixing lots of different textures adds interest to a room. However, there can be such a thing as too much. Try to strike a balance so that the eyes aren’t overwhelmed with texture when they walk in.

Know The Odd Rule Of Patterns

To use and mix patterns, choose an odd number, such as three or five. Three is easier to start with. Then, use 60% of one, 30% of another, and 10% of the last one. This stops your home from looking strange with the exact same amount of pattern.

Use Items With Equal Visual Weight

If you’re wondering how to make your bedside tables look great without matching them, all you have to do is use items with equal visual weight! They can be totally different, but with equal visual weights they’ll look like they go together perfectly.

Know How To Mix Styles

Mixing styles is a great way to funk up your interior, so use the 80/20 rule. Choose your main style and a supporting style and then get to work. You simply incorporate one style in 80% of the space, and the other in 20%. If you don’t want to spend too much making over your entire home, take a look at some of the bigger items you have that you don’t want to replace and make those your 80%. Then select a style to be your 20%. You’d be surprised at what this can do for your home, and it means you don’t have to choose between two styles that you love!

Mixing up your interior isn’t just an option; it’s pretty necessary if you’re going to come up with an interesting decor that packs a punch. Leave your own ideas in the comments below and let us know which of these ideas you’ll be using. Thanks for reading!


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