What Every Kitchen Needs

Owning your very first home is one of the best feelings in the world. When you do finally make the move and call this
your own, the thing you might be most excited about is having your very own kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and every kitchen needs a few things to make it complete…


A kitchen needs to be warm, inviting and welcoming to everyone who enters. The easiest way to impact a space is to add colour, and it can immediately give the room personality. For example, matching appliances on the wall, a colourful Artform Living splashback or some cute tea towels will make this kitchen yours.

Hand Blender

A hand blender or an immersion blender is a tool you might not think you needed, but you’ll be glad we suggested it to you. If you love to make rich pasta sauces and soups, you will likely cook everything off and then pour it into a jug blender to smooth, and then pour it back into the pan for serving. You can avoid all of this messing about by plugging in a hand blender and blending directly into the pan. You will save so much time and it will honestly be the most helpful gadget you buy during the colder months.

Joseph Joseph Mixing Bowls

These mixing bowls are all you will ever need and more. The Joseph Joseph missing bowls are great for several reasons: they are rainbow coloured, they have measurements, and they all stack inside each other to save space. You can have measurements all the way from a teaspoon to a litre bowl, and it will become an essential part of your cooking and baking.

Food Processor

If you have ever wanted to make your own pesto, grind up some nuts, or make a chunky salsa… a food processor might be the gadget you want to bring into your kitchen. Many people confuse a food processor with a blender, but a food processor is more suitable for stronger items of food which a blender might struggle with. Usually, with a blender, you will need to add some liquid for it to blend your ingredients, but you don’t need to do this with a food processor. A food processor is one of those items everyone should have in their kitchen because it is truly useful for everyone.

There we have it, the essential gadgets that every kitchen needs. If you don’t have all of these gadgets, consider taking a trip to your local cooking store to stock up!

Dessert Maker

A big trend in recent years has been to make healthy smoothies and healthy vegan ice cream at home. If you are a vegan or you want to try the vegan ice cream treat, a dessert maker is a tool you never knew you needed. A dessert maker will take frozen fruit in the top and blend it to form beautiful vegan ice cream. It will be ideal for a healthy breakfast on summer days or a midday treat.

Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is a treat which cannot be beaten, and it is the most refreshing and creamy treat you can possibly have during the summer time. If you want to make ice cream at home you can buy an ice cream maker for a relatively small price and it will make the most amazing ice cream in the world. It is ideal for your next garden party or summer barbecue!

Water Infusion Bottle

Not everyone likes drinking water on its own, and many people find it really boring. If you are one of these people but you know you don’t drink enough during the day, buy yourself a fruit infusion bottle. You’ll be able to make flavoured water and it will almost feel as if you are drinking squash throughout the day instead of water. Add in lemon and ginger for a refreshing way to wake up, strawberry and mint for a sweet treat, or lime and blackberry for a fruity taste.



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