“Silver Hair” Trend?!

Hey everyone!

So I’ve got another recent trend for you all which is silver coloured hair (often with a purple undertone, as seen in most of the pictures below)! Now I think this trend is quite controversial and depends on your personal taste immensely. Personally, I don’t really like this look as it does remind me a bit of grandma hair, however it looks quite good on some people such as Eugenie.

Here are some pics of girls sporting the hair:

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Would you ever be bold enough to sport this look or do you just plain dislike it? I can’t imagine myself ever dying my hair this colour, I mean, I could just wait till I’m a grandma, haha. If not this colour, would you ever bleach it light blonde? I think that looks much better. Any who, if you’re brave enough to try this out it may pay off & could possibly look stunning! What are your thoughts on this trend? Leave a comment down below and/or leave a vote!

Amy x

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  1. Ok so I have been debating getting silver put into my hair for quite some time now … the only thing is that I work at BCBG Maxazria and of course we are not allowed to have extreme colors in our hair but like yolo.. I can totally make something up but of course I’m nervous if whether or not I can pull it off. I was thinking to fully bleach my hair to black and then dye the bottoms silver. Eeeeeek.

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

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  2. This trend isn’t my cuppa. It makes you look too old in my book. I’ve been getting grey hair since I was like 17 and coloring my hair since I was 18. I’m now 40. If I let my natural hair grow out I’d be probably at least 75% grey up top. Whenever I see those grey roots peeking out when it’s close to touch up time, it drives me nuts.

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    1. I totally agree with you, it isn’t my cup of tea either, but does look alright on some (very few) people but only if they have a more purple/other colour tone to it so it’s not just silver.


  3. For me, I’d probably totally do this when I am already graying and make it even more silver & have either pink or purple undertones. I don’t know how I feel about it on young people though, just seems kind of strange.
    xoxo, Sam.

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  4. I would much rather bleach my hair light blonde instead of this.
    I have lived with older people with silver hair most of my life, so this color reminds me of premature aging…I’m not a fan. I’m okay with most “odd” hair colors but I just can’t get into this one.

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      1. Exactly. I really miss my bright red Ariel hair! I’m thinking of going blonde next…but silver will never happen!

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  5. I would totally do this. I recently asked my hair dresser if he thought I could achieve it, but it would require a LOT of bleach and toner on me. Natural blondes could easily go this color, though!

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  6. I liked this post because one of the characters in my fiction stories, a publicist, has silver grey hair. I love it an I’m glad it’s on trend (I wrote the story before it became a thing).

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  7. I occasionally rock the silver fox look. I use the Roux color rinse in Silver Lining. It’s great if you just want a temporary change for a day or 2 because it just washes right out the next time you shampoo. Even for someone like me who has overly pourus hair, it doesn’t stain or anything. I’ve actually found that it works great as a toner as well. Whenever I use it my hair always looks a tad blonder after I wash it out. I love the stuff!

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      1. yea…I feel like the company should make more colors like that for people like me. If they had temporary pastel colors I would be in heaven. I should write a letter. hmmm.

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  8. Im 51! I still have more brown hair than white but the moment I see white dominating my head, I will switch to gray! love it!!!

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  9. The photos actually look better than I thought the “grey” look would. Having said that I don’t think I would choose to color my hair grey – prefer to cover those pesky little strands with color! πŸ™‚

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  10. I’m a new grandmama, 53 years old, and have been covering up my silver hairs since I was 20. A couple of years ago I let my hair grow out to my natural color and actually loved the silver blended with the brown. For some wild reason, about a year and a half ago, I dyed my hair light blonde which blends well with the silver, but have been wanting/trying to let my hair grow out without dye. It takes so long! For that fact alone, I would love to have my hair dyed silvery white and then let it grow out. So, I very well may try it! I like the temporary color and wig ideas. A great way to “try it on” without long term commitment!

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  11. Actually, I’m thinking the cane or walker look might be a trend ready to take off! Thick bifocals too. Just kidding, gray, for some reason doesn’t look that bad on young faces.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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  12. I think it’s refreshing. I’m in my 40’s and have some gray. I’m sick of everyone pretending they don’t and dying the gray out. Why not have some young folks shaking up our old ideas by putting some in. I think it’s super cool. Let’s break through our rigid ideas of beauty.

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    1. I saw a women older than you and she had dense gorgeous silver hair. I never saw such beautiful grey hair. I think it can suit to some people but not to all. Some just look more pale and ;lifeless with such hair. But it’s nothing wrong with having grey hair actually.

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  13. Once I colored my hair silver by mistake:D But not that silver, a little lighter. I don’t like this trend. I will suit not even one from 10 girls..and you need to be really stylish otherwise you will look like grandma-witch who made mistake:D

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  14. I love it for others, but not for me. I’m enjoying my all natural brown for as long as I could before it turns gray. I actually did something when I was a teenager in the 1970s called “frosting” and it gave the hair a semi-gray appearance like the pictures above. That was my “thing” for a long time until I went completely blonde — on and off over the years. I’ve been natural now since 2009 — no dye products at all.

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  15. Too funny a coworker and I just had this conversation I think in streaks highlights or chunking certain areas it’s sexy. It works bethere on blond or light hair otherwise you have to go blond then to silver as a dark hair girl that process would damage mIne but I’d do a streak or two. It’s high maintenance and like reds can wash out unless, get this, you wash it every 5-7 days. I live in the South, home to humidity ha! No way I could go that long and NOT wash!

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  16. I’d do it! But then, I’m old enough to do it without dyeβ€”it’s just that my family is super slow to go grey, so I’m stuck with just little bits decorating my otherwise dull brownish hair. So it’d look natural for my age, but spiffier than the blandness I have. πŸ˜‰ On younger people, I’m pretty much of the same opinion as with any other hair color: if it suits the individual, great, but if it looks silly on her/him, not so much.

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