‘Hairtuck’ Trend?!

Hey everyone!

So this trend has been all over the runways and is now rapidly growing in popularity. It is the ‘hairtuck’ trend – what do you guys think of it? It’s a quick and cute way to sport short hair – I think it’s adorable and a great alternative if you want to see how you look with short hair without actually cutting it.

If you don’t know what this trend is, here are some pics:

FotorCreated42turtleneck-hair-tuck-trend turtleneck-hair-tuck-alvar-mag Tory+Burch+Fall+2014+Details+H4kYbXHAiBExb6934da7942d208a22dbc1a97de042a0 Hair-Mulberry-2013-London-Fashion-Week

I think this look is effortless & chic – I am absolutely in love with how it looks! I don’t think it would suit me though, but you never know until you try!

What are your thoughts on this trend? Leave a vote or comment!

Amy x

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  1. Haha, I was inadvertently working this earlier today! Was looking at myself in the elevator mirror and wondering if I should cut my hair since it looked pretty cute in the pseudo-bob forced by this effect. Apparently not: I should just do this instead…!

    This is a GREAT trend for anyone who has super long hair, because it stops your hair from turning into a tangled, Rapunzel-style mess because of friction from your scarf. It can be a bit annoying at first, but I find I stop noticing after a while, and when I take the coat and scarf off, I have lovely smooth locks instead of the bird’s nest I have if I’ve let it ride around on top of the scarf and collar for a while!

    I do it pretty regularly, but always thought it looked a little silly. I’d be delighted if it became A Thing and I could do it without people trying to be a good samaritan by “freeing up [my] hair from under [my] collar for [me]”. Thanks for sharing this! ❤

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    1. Hahahah I loved reading your comment :”). I really do think this is going to a big trend – the popularity of it keeps growing! Hmm sounds pretty good, I thought I’d be annoyed by the hair continuously touching my neck but since you said you stop noticing after while, I guess that makes it bearable!


  2. Wow, I’ve been doing this for years! And little did I know that it would become a “thing”. I never do stuff that become “things” — all this time I’ve been a trendsetter and never knew ! 😉

    I don’t like wearing my long hair up, yet I’m also not keen on sporting the wild, windswept look, so go for the easy option of tucking it all into my coat. The downsides are: hair inside your clothes (yes, this can sometimes feel irritating depending on what you’re wearing), and also not being able to walk past a reflective surface without thinking “hmmm, maybe I *should* get my hair cut short?”.

    Upside: hair stays looking neat when you’re out in the wind.

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    1. hahahah, what trend are you going to set next ;)?
      yeah, I don’t know if I could cope with the hair being all over my neck! But it does look suuuper adorable.
      thanks for commenting – your comment made me smile!


  3. I didn’t know this was an actual trend but I personally love the hairtuck especially under turtlenecks, thick scarves, high collared coats…my hair is the longest it’s been in 5 years so I have no flippin’ idea what to do with it thus…hairtuck!

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  4. Am late with my comment, but have been doing this for years. I love coats, but your hair gets awkward flying about over the collar and I like to turn mine up for a sharper look, so this is definitely awesome to see it’s trending.

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  5. I don’t like at all. The one of this trend is to hide your hair when it’s winter not to damage it with cold. And if you have really lonbg hair? To make some mess under swether? or just brush them and let them wamr you back there?:D

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  6. It’s a great look. The sorta I just woke up and I’m not think too much about what I look like too much after maybe a really great night. . .and you’re just comfortable enough with yourself not to worry about a thing kinda look. . .

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