what to wear to an interview

Get Formal Fashion Right

95e04b28be84d6252ac1f5b4912c4e91--business-woman-attire-womans-suits-businessDo you always feel like you get your approach to formal fashion wrong? It’s a common feeling, and that’s because it’s not something that’s always easy to get right. However, you can always improve your approach, so there is no need to give up just yet. If you’re not sure of what you should be doing or how your approach should improve, the tips and advice discussed below will help you out. When you have that starting point, you can build from there in your own time.

Coordinate the Colours (more…)


Job Interview Tips: What To Wear

Hi guys!

Today I’ve got a post on what I think is best to wear for an interview. Now I am no expert but this is what I’d wear and what I think works well. This outfit would be suitable for either an office job or even a casual job, in my opinion; I would go with: