Job Interview Tips: What To Wear

Hi guys!

Today I’ve got a post on what I think is best to wear for an interview. Now I am no expert but this is what I’d wear and what I think works well. This outfit would be suitable for either an office job or even a casual job, in my opinion; I would go with:

1. A simple pair of black denim jeans
a black bodycon skirt which goes just below your knees


I feel as if the jeans would be more appropriate for a casual job as it gives a relaxed feel, but is somewhat dressy compared to say, shorts and it ensures that you don’t look too over dressed. I think the skirt would be perfect to give of a business woman sort of look and is a definite must for an office job interview!

2. I would go with a classic long sleeved white t-shirt as it again, gives off a professional feel to any outfit, especially when paired with black jeans or a black bodycon skirt.


3. I would then pick a blazer as I feel this brings the whole outfit together and gives it a very polished feel to the outfit. I actually have links to these exact blazers too if you’d like to see the prices and details (they are all under $20USD!), they are off an online clothing boutique called SAMMY DRESS. The three types of blazers I’d pick to wear to an interview include: a classic grey/black blazer, a tan coloured one and a cream coloured one so it doesn’t clash with the white shirt. Pictures of the blazers I mentioned are below, however they have a huge range of other blazers (here) to pick from as well which are definitely worth checking out especially for the price – I’m sure you girls know how much it costs to buy them otherwise.

1415124691748-P-2155915 1409791247032-P-1987701 1438904759382-P-2924909

4. I’d recommend going with black booties for the shoes with either heels or a platform heel, it’s up to your personal preference.


That concludes my post of what I think is best to wear to an interview and this would definitely be my pick when going to an interview. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Amy x

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      1. Same here, it’s lovely haha they grey blazer has to be my favourite, I love grey for work clothes 🙂 ~ S x

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  1. I like the classical touch of crisp white shirt and black pencil skirt for the job interview and from the blazer selection, I particularly love the first one which is grey and black coat as it is quite exceptional when compared to the other twos.

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  2. It always depends on the job. If you wanna work in fashion, you can be bolder, more creative. For an office job of course a white shirt and a jacket are appropriate.

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