“Flash Tattoo” Trend?!

Hi everyone!

So another recent trend/popular item are flash tattoos – I personally think they’re adorable! They are perfect for the summer or even spring time to jazz up an outfit (perfect for big events) and they look gorgeous as they catch the light and let off some shimmer. They can used in place of jewellery and often come in gold & silver – the best thing is that they’re not permanent & easy to apply, so you can wear it whenever you like! These are pretty cheap too. Personally, I think it gives off a subtle hippie/festival vibe, which looks amazing.

Here are some pics of flash tattoos:

Screen-Shot-2014-04-18-at-10.19.36 chevron-jewelry-chevron-bracelets-chevron-metallic-tattoos-metallic-gold-tattoos-metallic-gold-temporary-tattoos-gold-chevron-bracelets_4 1407952683565 pwb99054_1 Wedding-Philippines-Wedding-Trends-Flash-Metallic-Jewelry-Wedding-Bridal-Tattoos-2 FLASHTATTOO_ZAHRA3 Flash_tat_z13_grande flash_tat_L9w_grande

Would you wear these and if so when? I love how these looks & would be totally up to wearing them for events, parties or going to the beach. I don’t really like how the necklace flash tattoo looks though.

Amy x

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