Don’t Get Burned: Consider These Options For An Outside Worth Sunbathing In

As well as providing you with a finish way better than any fake tan, sunbathing can be one of the best ways to relax. Like any great meditative practice, it certainly provides a transformative escape from the world.

Unfortunately, aside from getting the loungers out on vacation, many of us don’t generally take time to bathe, both because we’re too busy and because, let’s face it, our outside spaces don’t exactly provide the tranquillity we’re after. In reality, though, getting your outside space sunbathing-ready could well see you making the time more often, and quickly enjoying the benefits of doing so. Hence why we’ve put together a quick-fire guide for how you can finally create an outside worth sunbathing in.

Unsplash Image: CC0 License

Step 1: Make it too comfortable to resist

If sunbathing at home means sitting on a hard plastic sunlounger then there’s little chance that you’ll make the effort. Hence why you first need to think about creating an outside space that’s too comfortable to resist. Of course, achieving this is going to vary depending on the space you have and the scope of the project you’re willing to undergo. For example, if you’re working with a large space and don’t mind a project, decking areas kitted with full garden sofa sets could be a great in-point for not just bathing, but also hosting and generally getting outside more often. Equally in a smaller space, stocking up on well-chosen, cushioned sun loungers like those found in the Cuckooland garden furniture collection could be the ideal compromise. Either way, make it soft, appealing, and perfect for the backyard that you’ve got.

Step 2: Think about privacy

Whether you’ve got body insecurities or love the skin that you’re in, you’re going to feel somewhat self-conscious sunbathing topless if the nice man from next door can look right over and see you. Obviously, this isn’t going to be such an issue if you live in a rural location or have a backyard that’s set away from prying eyes. However there are steps that you can take even if you’re overlooked, and they’re surprisingly simple. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to plant hedges around your boundaries to add an extra level of coverage. You could even further this benefit with trellised areas that you cover with climbing plants/vines so that, when you bathe, you do so in your own private oasis.

Step 3: Give yourself something to look at

While you may intend to fall asleep within ten minutes of starting a sunbathing session, it also doesn’t hurt to give yourself something nice to look at. After all, staring at the fence while you brown isn’t exactly the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Instead, think about planting some climbing plants, or even small shrubs/trees that further the feeling you’re in a tropical oasis, rather than your backyard at home.

Sunbathing is for life, not just for vacation – make it so by getting your yard right before next summer rolls around. 

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