Body Insecurities & How to Overcome Them


If any girl says she doesn’t have a body hang-up, she is lying. Every single one of us has something we hate about our body. Even celebrities admit they have a body hang-up. For example, Beyonce isn’t a fan of her thighs; this article claims she finds them too muscular. And Kim K admits she worries about her stomach. And although it’s normal to have body hang-ups, life is too short to hate your body. Therefore, here are some of women’s biggest body hang-ups, and what you can do to love them instead.

1. They hate their waistline

A lot of women worry about their ‘wobby waistline.’ And it can cause even more heartache after having a baby. After all, it’s hard to rid that excess fat from your waist. However, there are a few ways you can start to love this area again. For one thing, you could get rid of high-fat foods from your diet as these tend to store around this area. Also, you need to focus on exercises such as crunches which are fantastic for helping you to shift that weight. And if all fails, you could consider going down the liposuction or tummy tuck route.

2. They dislike their feet

You will be surprised how many people have an issue with their feet. In fact, so many people hate their toes so much that they won’t wear open shoes. But you are missing out on some killer designs! Therefore, you need to think about your feet in a more positive light. You ought to give them a quick polish, or buy an anklet so that you find reasons to love your feet. And remember that despite what you think about your feet, your guy probably loves them. After all, feet are one of the top things men love about a woman’s body!

3. They worry about their breast size

A lot of women get upset about their breast size. And it’s usually down to the fact they are too small. Even though they have a small body shape, they wish their breasts were bigger. However, you can get some amazing outfits which will look great with smaller breasts. And you can get some great bras which can make them look bigger. If it is something that is taking over your life, you might want to find a cosmetic surgeon for a breast enlargement. Just make sure you don’t go too big with your new size; you don’t want to regret your decision.

4. They can’t stand their thighs

Another thing people wish they could change about themselves is their thighs. A lot of women think they are too broad. And it can stop them showing off their legs as they hate their ‘chubby thighs.’ To help you love your thighs, you might want to concentrate on exercises which can contribute to reducing their size. For example, you ought to try leg lifts to help get them in shape. And also, yoga is an excellent way to tone those thighs. And remember to go for slim style jeans or thigh high socks which can help your thighs to look smaller!

And don’t forget to try and focus on the areas you do love about your body. After all, you might be lucky enough to have toned arms!

Ahh man, I’m guilty of having these insecurities but I hope you guys found these tips helpful to overcome them/feel better about yourselves! Remember you’re all beautiful.

Amy x

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