Review: Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation


Hey guys!

I’ve got a review on Rimmel’s newest foundation the “Fresher Skin Foundation”. I was super excited to try this out since I am not a fan of heavy foundations simply because I’m not in the mood to put something heavy on my face in the morning while I get ready (typically in a rush) – so this one sounded perfect! If you’d like to know my thoughts, please keep reading.

First of all, I have got the shade “200 – Soft Beige” which is a tad too light for my skin (my perfect shade is 210 in the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation), does anyone else such at getting the right shade? Anyway, this foundation comes with 8 different shades which is quite extensive for a drugstore foundation and great to see, there should definitely be a shade out there for almost everyone. Secondly, I am a bit iffy about the packaging; although it’s cute, I think it’s also a bit unhygienic since it’s in a little container. You’ll have to be careful to scoop out the product with clean fingers/brush/spatula to avoid contamination, other than that issue I like the packaging.

Onto the product, I watched Crystal Conte’s review on it and was a bit worried of how it’d wear on me. However, I was pleasantly surprised after the first time I wore it – it lasted EXTREMELY well throughout the day and it was quite hot that day as we are in late Spring in Australia right now. The foundation provides light-medium coverage. The foundation barely faded at all and I wore it for about 8 hours, this was extremely impressive. The foundation has a lovely fresh scent to it, I haven’t smelt a foundation that smells as good and fresh as this one – definitely lives up to it’s name. It feels very light on your face like you’re wearing nothing and was also effortless to blend. I have combination/oily skin and I set the foundation with a powder – it didn’t get too oily throughout the day. If you have dry skin you probably won’t even need to set it and it leaves beautiful natural glow on your face.

Unfortunately, there was a con. When I was drinking water from my friend’s bottle (so, pouring it into my mouth) a bit of water got above my lip and on the side of my lip. The foundation in these areas became really weird and sort of ‘separated’, if you will. I had to wipe off those patches of foundation/blend it back in – this was really bizarre since this has never happened before with any other foundation I’ve tried. Other than this I think this is an amazing foundation for everyday wear.


  • Lightweight
  • Blends effortlessly
  • 8 shades in the range
  • Long lasting
  • Smells very fresh
  • Natural finish/glow


  • Packaging – product can easily be contaminated
  • When in contact with water (even a small amount) the product ‘separates’

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this foundation. I was super impressed with how long it lasted and how lightweight it felt on my face. A perfect foundation for everyday wear!

Rate: 4/5

This foundation is available at Priceline, Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse and Target for $18.95.

Hope you guys enjoyed my review and let me know your thoughts on it!

Amy x

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