How to Personalise Your New Built Home

If you decided to buy a new home that is built based on a custom plan, and looks exactly like the rest of the houses in the street, it is important that you leave your mark on the house, and add a personal touch. Make a statement, add some color, and you will be able to make your new house look as unique as a custom built one. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

Color Themes

The first thing you will have to decide is the color themes. If your home has just been finished by the builders, chances are that everything is white, magnolia, or cream. There’s not much exciting about these colors, apart from the fact that they go with every style of furniture and almost every color. If you would like to create some contrast, you can combine black or shiny magenta with the existing colors to make a statement. Even a border wallpaper in your favorite color will improve the overall look of your home.

Custom Bathroom

A new bathroom is designed for the general public, and you are likely to want to add your personal touch. Get your custom accessories; a radiator rail for your towels and bathrobes, a stylish open shelf for a period look, or a backlit mirror to help you do your makeup in the morning. If you are not happy about the standard white tiles, you can get stickers to spice up your bathroom and make it your own,  

Soft Furnishing

One of the cheapest ways of getting your personal style in your home is to focus on the soft furnishing. You can’t really change the floor if you just paid for your new home, you will be able to make a difference by getting custom drapes and curtains that express your style and taste. Another way of transforming your floor without having to invest a lot of money is getting one of Hali’s quality rugs in your bedrooms and your living room.

Unusual Arrangements

You don’t have to follow traditions when it comes to positioning your sofa or your bed in the room. You can get creative and use room dividers to separate different areas of your living area. A corner sofa that can face both ways can be a good investment if you are planning on putting your TV on the wall in the corner, so the whole family can sit down and enjoy a good view. If you have no kids, you might consider getting a love seat to cuddle up at night on.

Feature Walls

To add some color to the industrial design of your new home, you might also want to create a feature wall. No matter if you are creating a family tree using decals and printed photos of your loved ones, or display a meaningful quote, you will be able to personalize your room on a tiny budget.

Moving into a home that has just been finished can be a challenge if you would like to leave your mark on your space. Use these tips and transform your house into a home.


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