8 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving to a new house is hard work. It’s stressful, exhausting and the whole process is a little scary. Right from the second that you decide to move there’s pressure to find the perfect house and to get a good price for your current home if you are selling. Then, there’s the stress and physical challenges that come with packing and moving day itself. It’s tough, both physically and mentally.

But, it’s also exciting. It’s your chance to get a fresh start, to move to a cool new location, to get more space or a nicer home and to move forward with your life. It can be wonderful. However, moving to a new house takes a long time. From deciding to move to actually getting to the point where you live in a new home can take months or sometimes even years. This can mean that when you do move in, you want it to feel like home straight away. You’ve been working towards it for months; you don’t want to have to spend a few more settling and decorating before you actually feel like this new house is your home. You want it as soon as possible. Here are eight ways to achieve this.

Buy a New House

Obviously, this isn’t always possible. Budget and location are concerns, and of course, some of us prefer period buildings which often have more character. But, if you want a new house to feel like your home as soon as possible, buying a new launched house could be ideal.

This will mean that the décor is relatively neutral, no one else will have left their mark on the property and that it will look and smell clean and fresh. The carpets and paintwork will all be new, and everything will be in excellent condition. This will make it easy to decorate or just to add your own touches with accessories and splashes of colour. Just moving your furniture in will help.

Get a Head Start

One problem that many of us have is time. We view a house, then by the time searches and surveys have been completed it might be months before you see it again. During this time, we often start to forget details of the property and photographs online aren’t always helpful.

When you view the property (especially if it’s empty) measure some areas and take your own photographs. This gives you a head start. You can shop for new furniture and accessories before you get the keys. You can get begin to prepare what you want to do to it concerning decoration and décor.

When you get home from your viewing, build a floor plan using your photographs and accurate measurements. Then, measure your furniture and fittings and create scale models (just shaped bits of paper or card will do) and start planning where you are going to put things.

Change the Scent

Aroma is an exceptionally important thing. Your house smells like your house. When you visit someone else’s house, it has its own unique smell. You often can’t smell your own house, but you do notice the differing smell of others. At first, your new house will have a distinct smell that isn’t yours. It won’t feel like home until this has gone.

Open the windows up, light some of your favourite scented candles, add some fresh flowers and hang some washing, washed in your usual detergent. This will all help.


It’s never going to truly feel like your home while you have boxes everywhere. The sides, shelves and cupboard will look oddly bear, and your floor space will be covered in boxes. The faster that you unpack, the quicker it will start to feel homely and look how you want it too.

If possible, move some shelving and storage solutions in before moving day. That way you can start unpacking as you move. Especially if you’ve got plenty of help. Leave someone at the new house to start unpacking things while the rest of you go back and forward unloading the van.

Clean Up

If it’s a new house, it should be practically spotless when you first get the keys. Even if it isn’t, it may have been professionally cleaned after the last owner or tenant moved out. But, you are bound to make a mess moving in. You’ll have dragged furniture over the carpets or scuffed the walls carrying boxes, and empty homes can quickly become dusty.

Once you’ve unpacked, take the time to give your new home a thorough clean using your usual products. This will help it to look how you want it and smell more like your home.

Get Hanging

Once your furniture and possessions are in and unpacked the most apparent difference will be the walls. In a well lived in home they are covered in photographs, wall hangings, artwork and kids pictures. In a new house, they are blank.

As soon as you get a chance, start hanging your art and photographs on the walls. Buy some new pieces and begin to think about where you want them. You don’t want an exact replica of your old house after all.


If you’ve got the time and money, decorating is the best way to make a home feel like your own. It’s the most lasting way to put your own stamp on things and can make the most dramatic change. Of course, it’s not always possible straight after a move, so think about doing one room at a time or simply painting a feature wall in some of your rooms to add personality.

Live in it

Treat your house like a home, and it will soon start to feel like one, whatever it looks like. Invite your friends and family around for dinner, have movie nights on the sofa or nights in with takeout food and wine. Cook meals in the kitchen and lounge on the couch. Spend time in your home, and it will feel right in no time.


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