10 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating Your First Property

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Creating your perfect home is something that a lot of us dream of. Whether you’re looking to buy your first place, or you’ve just done it, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of bringing your life together. Although the saving process can be tough, and moving house is a lot of hassle, getting your first property together is always a lot of fun. It can come with its stresses, of course, especially when you’re renovating. But when you’re working on your dream home, all of the heartache should always feel worth it. And it’s for this reason that you’re always going to want to make sure that you can get things right the first time.

To make sure that you do that, it’s always going to be important to take the right approach, with just about everything you do. From deciding on what you should renovate, to putting in the finishing touches, you might make mistakes, but it’s always best to make sure that they’re little ones. Because renovating a house is a big job, so wouldn’t it be great to make sure that you’re on track as much as possible? And you can be. There’s no reason why this has to be really hard. Instead, as long as you’re flexible, willing to put the hard work in, and keen to avoid some common mistakes, you’ll get through it with ease. So let’s take a look at what those big mistakes to avoid are.

Not Budgeting Property

One of the biggest mistakes that often occur during a renovation involves the budget. It can be really tough to get the budget right, and even to control your budget when you do get started. But it’s also easy to start off with the wrong budget. Whether you’re trying to be frugal and in-denial about what it will cost, or you’ve not researched properly, this can often set you back in the renovation process, or mean that things can’t be completed. So be sure to get this right.

Underestimating Time Scales

Aside from budget, another huge issue with renovation is time. So make sure that another mistake you avoid is underestimating how long things will take. Okay, so you want this renovation done as soon as possible, but each job will take as long as it takes. You’ll often run out of money, or cause yourself too much stress if you just glaze over this.

Hiring The Wrong Professional

When it comes to hiring a contractor, you’re always going to want to make sure that you make the right decision. Because the person you decide on will often make or break your job. So be sure to get a bunch of different quotes from contractors and go with the one that you feel is most capable, and that you actually like. If you hire the wrong one, it could largely affect the finish of your renovation.


Not Shopping Around

But that’s not all. Not only should you be shopping around for the workmen on the project, you have to do it with just about everything that you buy too. If you just purchase the first bathroom suite you see, or paint colors, you may not be getting the best deal available. By shopping around, you’ll be sure that you’ve chosen the right things, and you’ve got them for the best price too.

Trying To Cut Costs

It’s only natural that you’re going to want to get the entire renovation process finished at the right price. But you’ll often find that this leads you to try and cut corners to cut the cost. And this is never a good idea. Not only can it mean that the work will be shoddy, but it can affect the safety of your house too. Usually, any job or material will cost what it costs – you get what you pay for after all. So don’t try to cut costs in the wrong way. Otherwise, it will impact the finish of your home.

Not Measuring Properly

A big rookie error is getting the measurements wrong – for anything. Whether it’s measuring a room or a gap for the fireplace, you really have to get this spot on. So if you’re not confident, bring the professional trades in to do it.

Buying The Wrong Thing Because It’s Cheaper

You’ll be noticing a theme of price running throughout this. Because it really is important to spend wisely, and not just cheaply. Buying the wrong item because it’s cheaper is never good. If you want the best fire, you need to look at the best wood heater collection, otherwise it will affect the overall finish. But that’s just an example of one area, because this will matter from your kitchen counters to your bathtub too.

Doing Work In The Wrong Order

Whether you’re keen to get started on particular room or job or not, you have to stick to the right steps. If you start doing work in the wrong order, it’s going to really impact on the job overall. And it may also slow the work down and mean that some areas need to be redone.


Another point on timings, don’t rush. Again, you may want this renovation work done as quickly as possible, but if you’re rushing, then you’re going to really impact the quality. Because rushing will always mean that you’re doing a lower quality job, cutting corners, or even missing steps out. And yes, again it is going to show in the finished product. So if you want the best renovation possible, take your time.

Not Playing By The Rules

Finally, you absolutely have to make sure that you’re sticking to any building rules and regulations that apply in your area. No buts. Because if you don’t, and you do something that you’re not meant to, you may find that you have to stop work or even take it all down. And this is definitely not what you want. So make sure that you know what guidelines or standards you need to stick to, and stick to them. Because it can be expensive if you don’t.


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