How to Fix Flaws; Simple Solutions

Flaws. We all have them. We all know we have them, and we know what they are. Even celebrities, often described as flawless, have them and are reminded of this on social media daily. And it’s worse when other people point them out. Like we don’t know? And like they could say anything to us that’s worse than what we think when we look in a mirror?

The issue of trying to live up to perfection – for that is what we’re encouraged to do – is a thorny one. Of course you should look your best if you’re going out, but you own your face and body. No-one else does.

People go to extreme lengths to look “better” because we see unrealistic images on magazine covers and TV. People develop eating disorders because they want to match up to an ideal. The fact that that ideal has been drawn from often airbrushed cover shots is the saddest thing of all.

Nonetheless, there are things you can do to fix the flaws you see. Taking the right steps at the right time can make a big difference.

Color Correction: How Makeup Can Fix A Multitude Of Sins


There are countless ways to put right something you feel nature has got wrong. Having a well-stocked makeup bag is a good start, and you’d be surprised what you can put right. If you’re finding that bags under your eyes are a clear and present danger, applying a color-correcting powder helps. Apply that, then your foundation and eye bags fade. For rosacea, the same trick but with green is effective.

Contouring: Use The Right Stuff To Accentuate and Subdue


By using the right makeup, and applying it in the best way, you can accentuate your best features and mute the things you’re not happy with. If you feel your nose is too large, applying some bronzer to the tip and lighter concealer down the sides works wonders. If you feel a more permanent change is in order, surgery as a one-off is fine. Surgeons such as Dr. Aaron Kosins MD can turn a flaw into a feature to emphasize.

Work The Eyebrow: Give Your Face A Frame For Definition


For all the space they take up on your face, your eyebrows define so much. Get them right and the whole thing can come together, get them wrong and you won’t want to leave the house. Definition is key here. Make sure your eyebrows are strong lines without gaps and ensure they have an arch. If you need a little extra, a browlift from a skilled surgeon is also an option.

Remember also that people who look flawless in every photograph have a bit of a head start. They may well be genetically blessed in terms of appearance, but they also usually have stylists. One day, when you can afford a stylist, you’ll be way ahead of them! And in the meantime, you’ve got a lot to work with. Confidence is empowering, and you’d be amazed how much difference your attitude can make.

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  1. I have a bit of a bulbous nose (round and protruding at the tip) and honestly I try so hard to like my natural skin but it always annoyed me. Whenever I googled how to contour a nose like mine the results were always to get rhinoplasty (plastic surgery) and it only made me feel worse. I learned completely on my own how to contour my nose and I feel so much better about my looks now, and my nose HARDLY ever bothers me. It sucks we try to live up to some sort of made-up standard, it really does, but I’m super thankful that makeup can help me feel better without really changing the way I look! Great overall post. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. I am also so thankful for makeup too since as you said it makes us feel better about ourselves (which of course there’s nothing really wrong, but hey, insecurities, haha) Xxxx


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