Tips and Tricks To Update Your Makeup Routine For Summer


Hey guys!

Some beauty techniques are timeless; red lips and winged eyeliner for example, and other beauty tips or products are seasonal. Think of something like a summer moisturiser. Would you apply the thickest, deepest conditioning lotion in summer? No, as there is much less need for it during warmer months, compared to the winter months. So what else could you do with your makeup in the summer? 

1. First of all, sunscreen is extremely important. This is something that should be applied all year round, but especially in summer. It should be applied daily, and at regular intervals throughout the day – even on days that are overcast or cloudy. You can still get sunburnt or damage your skin when it is cloudy outside! So stock up on plenty of lotion for over summer. It will protect your skin, which is of paramount importance in any beauty regime. Just make sure that you use a high factor sunscreen and keep applying it. Your skin will thank you for it.

2. Speaking of skin, it is so important to keep skin hydrated over summer. So having a moisturiser is a great idea. Keep it light and fresh, rather than a thick, heavy lotion, though. The moisturiser will help to protect against pollutants and help to avoid the chances of getting fine lines or wrinkles. You sweat more in summer, and your face might get a bit more of a shine than normal. So avoid a lotion that is too oily. The same goes for foundation and concealer in summer. Having too much can look bad in summer. You skin wants some time to breath and not get clogged up. So choosing light and natural makeup, and perhaps using a BB cream, is a better option for summer. You could just use a little bronzer too. The colour if your foundation and concealer will be a little different to what you need over summer. So it can look a little silly wearing them as they won’t match your skin or neck. So using a little bronzer, instead of a foundation, is a great idea.

3. Like with foundation over summer, less is more with all aspects of makeup. Keep your makeup more subtle in summer. A cream eyeshadow is a great option, as well as a waterproof mascara. As you are more likely to sweat, your mascara can almost ‘melt’ a little on your face. You don’t want it to create black smudges around your eyes. A waterproof mascara will avoid this completely. So invest in a good quality one for your vacations or summer. You could invest in eyelash extensions if you would rather have that too. Then you don’t have to even think about the risk of getting any panda eye smudges!

4. For your hair, it is a good idea to keep it as natural as you can. Sun can dry your hair out, so if you are using a hairdryer, it will make it even worse. You could always use some sea salt spray to get natural beachy waves over summer. The perfect look!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and the tips and tricks included!

Amy x

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