“Marble Print” Trend?!

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been MIA but it was due to my trials (thank gosh they’re over now and I can get back to blogging). I’ve only got 8 more weeks left of school then I’m done – woo. Anyway, I’ve got another trend for y’all today and it’s on marble designed items. It seems marble has been blowing up everywhere recently and I am in love! I have a marble laptop case for my mac (as you’ll see below) and I am obsessed, am looking for a marble phone case too! They also make great backgrounds for instagram/blog pics, hehe.


yucvvom1u2wkkutxdhjiphone-6-marble-case2-1170x1103 white-marble-clock-by-menu travelettes_traveling-in-style_annika-ziehen-10 MARBLE-BAG-e1402952149490

This is such a gorgeous trend, what are your thoughts? Leave a comment or vote! Man I wish I owned all of those items shown above, haha! This is probably my favourite trend so far this year.

Amy x

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