Looking & Feeling Good: The Connection

Happy-girl-winter-snow-wallpaper.jpgThey say that when you look good, you feel good – it’s an age old saying that has been around for generations, but what does it mean? Why does how we appear physically impact how we feel about ourselves and our self-esteem – what’s the link between these two things? It’s time to find out – let’s delve a little deeper and determine why when we look good we tend to feel good.

Can clothes really impact your mood?

A lot of people believe that what we wear impacts our mood, but is there any truth to this assumption? Yes, scientists have discovered that our clothing and our moods are linked in a range of ways. What has been discovered is that not only can what we wear impact our moods, but our moods can also determine what we wear. For example, when they are feeling down, a lot of people dress in a more casual way compared to what they would normally wear. While casual clothes are all well and good for lounging about it, they can impact your mood by making you feel even more negative about things. The key to beating this cycle is to aim always to dress to impress, regardless of how you are feeling inside, because believe it or not you will feel better if you dress up than you will if you dress down.

Why does weight impact self-esteem?

The fact is that there’s a common misconception that our weight impacts our beauty and being overweight makes us less desirable to others. However, that’s not true; it’s just a mental mindset that a lot of people have, but it’s not the case. That being said, because of the mindset that many people have regarding weight, often being overweight or simply having a larger built frame can seriously impact self-esteem. This is the main reason why many people – especially women, choose to undergo laser liposuction and tummy tucks because they feel that their weight holds them back from leading a happy life. However, that is rarely the case. Usually, it’s a lack of confidence that holds people back, not the weight itself, that being said, the two are directly linked.

Is makeup a self-esteem booster?

Most women wear makeup to improve their appearance and hide their flaws, helping to boost their self-esteem, or so we tend to think. However, the question is, does makeup give our self-esteem a boost or does it knock it back in terms of our natural appearance? On the one hand, makeup boosts our confidence because it improves our appearance, but on the other it makes us self-conscious of any flaws that we have, believing that we have to cover them up or that we won’t be beautiful.

The fact is that when you look good, you do feel good, because knowing that you look good gives your self-esteem a boost and improves your mood. There’s a significant link between looking and feeling good, which is why we put so much pressure on ourselves to look our best because when we do, we feel good.

Get Some Supplements

It’s no secret that feeling good makes you look good. When you’re feeling down, it often shows on your face. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to boost your mood and feel your best. One way to do that is by taking supplements like a NAD supplement. Supplements can help improve your mood, energy levels, and overall health. This can have a positive impact on how you look and feel. If you’re looking for a way to feel better, consider taking supplements!

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  1. I don’t think it’s bad that looking good makes you feel better about yourself. We live in society and majority of people are visuals. I am, for example. I don’t think covering a pimple shows me as unconfident person but I’m not going to lie I feel bad when my face has bad days. why? Because it’s not a part of me. Covering imperfections you see just the best of yourself. Most of girls don’t wear makeup which changes their features somehow noticeably. It’s an accessorize 🙂 Makeup and clothes are part of self expression and we can see that, people wear different clothes, have different styles. Someone has violet hair, someone wears red lipstick every day. Is red lipstick something what changes your features? No, it;s an accessorize you choose to wear. Some people who say they don’t care about nice clothes and dressing up are kinda liying, they still choose clothes, choose color, style of t-shirt, pants, etc but just because they choose casual style they think it looks less effortless and they try to show that they don’t care about such things, things you put on outside. To me if you have to dress somehow to show you don’t care about clothes means you actually do a lot and judge other people who have different style. I’m no a saint and of course I also have opinion on clothes of other people but I don’t jump into judging them by their style choices or tell them anything about it at all unless I like something and I want to compliment their choice. During last year I received several comments in person with a hint of negativity and judgement because of my clothes or makeup. That means I should dress like someone else wants and not wear makeup because it bothers some other people?Of course, not. One girl even told she didn’t invite me to some yard party because I probably don’t drink beer but only fancy coctails:D I started to learn to ignore it because even if i dressed all black in totally boring clothes but in nice shoes I received comments where am i going that i wear so fancy shoes. It’s just shoes, nice shoes, they are meant to be worn that’s all ..but yeah, I learnt to come up with funny indifferent answers:D Sometimes you think that dressing up makes you feel good but sometimes it annoys others:D 😀

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