Why You Should Reorganise Your Storage Before 2022

Spring usually gets all the love when it comes to decluttering and cleaning, but there are some great benefits to reorganising your house at the end of the year. It can be easy to get caught up in the momentum of the holiday season and the coming new year. It’s also common to prioritise decluttering areas of your house that you see the most often, but that means that your storage spaces can build up with boxes of stuff you don’t need. By avoiding the post-holiday rush and finally sorting through items you have stored away, you can face 2022 with renewed energy.  

Getting out your holiday decorations from the depths of your shed or attic is the perfect opportunity to tackle the rest of your storage area. Until you go through them, you never know how much unwanted mess is building up in the places you don’t think to look. Since you have to dig out your tree and stockings anyway, you may as well start looking through neglected boxes that surround them. There could even be a treasure trove tucked behind the abundance of tangled twinkle lights!

Photo by Cameron Stewart on Unsplash

Besides, it could be your holiday ornaments that are causing the trouble in the first place. Instead of purchasing new baubles or wreaths every year, tackling your storage space head-on could result in uncovering some hidden gems. Finally, sorting through old artefacts from your past could mean finding items that you didn’t even know you had and can now use. It’s a great way to minimise waste and cost.

Local recycling centres tend to be rammed just after Christmas, as everyone deals with the jobs they’ve been putting off. The long wait can be enough to make you wish you never tried to sort out what needed to be tossed in the first place! However, getting ahead of the game means you can make decluttering as stress-free as possible, especially if you take the time to organise some budget bin hire

January blues can hit hard, and it’s challenging to find the energy to tackle a big reorganisation project when you’re feeling down. It’s a shame because the new year is the perfect time for a fresh start. Using the time you have over the holidays to tackle a big project means you can go into the New Year without anything hanging over you. It also means you don’t have to struggle to find space for all your new presents!

The end of the year can make you feel reflective about the twelve months that have passed. Going through your old things can be a fantastic opportunity to feel nostalgic about the past. You can even make it into a group endeavour, as you and your family reminisce over old clothes, books or even kitchenware. Confronting your storage space can be the same as coming to terms with old events. As you sort through items that you weren’t ready to throw away at the time, you can also make room for your future. Bring on 2022!

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