Why Have You Got Such A Downsizing Downer?

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Whether the kids have moved out or you’re just fed up with cleaning unused rooms, downsizing is a reality that comes to us all eventually. It’s cheaper, easier, and let’s face it – smaller homes can be cute! Unfortunately, despite promises of cosy vibes and simplified living, your downsizing quest may have got stuck on something of a downer.

After all, in life, we’re taught to want more, meaning that this quest for less automatically goes against your nature. In reality, though, there’s no reason to feel down about downsizing, and a home move like this can offer even more significant future potential. Before that’s possible, though, you’re going to want to consider the following reasons why you’re down on downsizing, and how exactly you can overcome them.

Reason 1: You’re caught in the comparison game

Comparison is always the thief of joy, and it’ll steal your opportunity to downsize successfully if you let it. After all, if you compare every single house to your current larger property, then it isn’t surprising they might seem poky, or claustrophobic. Instead, try your best to take each property in its own right, and look at practical considerations like the number of rooms (rather than rooms missing), and the potential of even that smaller yard, etc. Admittedly, this is going to be easier said than done, but the more small properties you view, the better idea you’ll have of how small you’re willing to go, what you could do within even that snug space, and whether or not a house is worth an offer. 

Reason 2: You’ve got too much stuff

It’s also not unusual to put the brakes on downsizing because you fear that you have too much stuff for these smaller properties. In reality, though, decluttering and minimising what you’ve got is a major part of downsizing, so it doesn’t help to consider properties with your current belongings in mind. To remove this barrier, it’s often best to downsize belongings before you move house by either giving stuff away or turning to skip bin hire to help you get rid. That way, you’ll be far better able to envision your newly depleted store of belongings in those smaller settings.

Reason 3: You haven’t found the right property

Picture Credit: CC0 Licence

As is the case with any house hunt, your reluctance could also come from the simple fact that you haven’t found the right property. After all, falling in love with a house has little to do with practicalities like size. Instead, that ‘feeling’ often comes down to finding a property that you can just imagine yourself in, and it can happen in properties large or small. The good news is that the steps we’ve discussed in this article can make it far more likely that you’ll find your one true small home, but fundamentally, lifting that downsizing downer may just rely on an ongoing hunt that leads you to the perfect property at last.

Apply these tips to your house hunt, and you might just find that you’re able to do downsizing right after all! 

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