Energy-Saving Home Improvements Worth Investing In

There are several home improvements that you can make that could save you money on your energy bills. While the cost of undertaking these home improvements may seem high, the reduced costs in the long run can make them worthwhile. They could even add value to your home, allowing you to sell your home for more. Below are just some of the energy-saving home improvements worth investing in. 


Insulation can be worth investing in for saving you energy bills in the winter. Insulating your home involves finding ways to reduce heat loss so that your home stays warmer longer. This results in you having to reach for the thermostat less often in those cold months.

There are many ways to insulate a home. The three most effective forms of insulation include:

  • Roof insulation: Most heat loss in an uninsulated building occurs through the roof. You can insulate a roof by either insulating the loft floor or insulating the roof itself. There are several ways to do this including blanket insulation, insulation boards and spray-on foam insulation.
  • Wall insulation: The walls of an uninsulated building are the next biggest source of heat loss. You can insulate walls by using boards on the inside wall, using cladding on the outside wall, or by filling the wall cavity with foam insulation.
  • Window insulation: Uninsulated windows are the third biggest source of heat loss. Upgrading to double glazing or triple glazing is an effective way to reduce heat loss. Curtains and shutters can have an impact too. This guide offers more tips on insulating windows: 

Homes in cold areas are most likely to see the benefits of insulation. If you live in a warm climate, you may be better off improving ventilation. 

Some forms of insulation are possible to install oneself such as blanket insulation on a loft. Jobs such as installing double-glazed windows or spraying on foam insulation should be carried out by a professional company. 

Solar panels

Solar panels generate electricity using energy from the sun. With enough solar panels installed on your property’s roof, it may be possible to run all of your electricity off of solar power. This could prevent the need to run electricity off the mains so that you never have to pay an energy bill again.

There are three main types of solar panel that you can get installed: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film. Monocrystalline is the most energy-efficient but also the most expensive – polycrystalline and thin film could be better for those on a tight budget.

You should always get solar panels installed by a professional company such as Make sure that solar panels are regularly cleaned in order to keep them working efficiently. 

Smart heating/cooling

Smart heating/cooling systems can automatically adjust the temperature when necessary. On top of keeping your home a consistently comfortable temperature, these heating/cooling systems can also save many users money compared to manual HVAC systems. 

Other types of smart technology may also help you to save energy such as smart lighting and even smart sockets. Consider looking into these if you’re eager to save energy.  

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