Are You Looking for a New Job? Ways to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

How to Find a Job With LinkedIn | PCMag

Job seeking is not just applying for a job and waiting to get a call to come for an interview. In this competitive world, very few people can write an application and get invited for an interview and successfully land a job. Finding a good job can be challenging unless you are one of those who have a high-demanding career. However, you can simplify the job searching process by using active strategies.

Job Hunting Tips That Will Turn Your Search Around

Successful job hunting requires a precise method to make sure you are unique and stand out to prospective employers.

Know what you want

Before you start looking for a job, make sure that you know your strengths, weaknesses, and the type of work you love doing. Knowing what you want is vital, especially if you are entering the workforce for the first time. Knowing yourself enables you to find a job that will offer you the most excellent satisfaction you need. Make sure you get recommendations from your family, professors, co-workers, or a professional coach. Set a realistic goal and decide on how you will reach them.

Track job listings from numerous sources

Almost every day, DSC Personnel are looking for candidates. Start by creating a job tracker spreadsheet to assist you track your progress. Use application spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and track your job applications. Keep track of all the companies you applied to when you submitted your application, what you sent, and any other vital factors in the application process. To know which companies are hiring, create a Twitter job search list that has hiring managers, recruiters, and job search websites and company hiring handles.

Customize your resume and cover letter

A targeted resume is significant in landing you a job. Write a targeted resume and cover letter that correctly connect your qualifications to the high-criteria for the job you apply for. Your resume and cover letters should be customized to match the job position you are applying to. Doing this will give you a competitive advantage over the resume that recruiters know are used for any other job application.

Keep it simple

Avoid listing a large number of experiences, even if you have been in the workforce for numerous years. Keep your expertise and work history modern and simple. The recent job experiences are enough to give a clear view of your work experience. Too much working experience can be disturbing and crushing to hiring managers.

Apply with confidence

Depending on the job position, hiring managers might go for candidates who are inspired and learn quickly. Apply for a job even if you meet just a part of the qualifications. Make sure to include samples of work ethic and ability to learn skills in your resume. Concentrate on showing how your goals align with the company goals.

Prepare for the interview

Before going to an interview, research some of the common interview questions, create a reply, and practice them. You can ask a friend to help you rehearse the interview. You will be more confident and at ease, entering an interview room when you are well prepared.


It is vital to follow up after a job interview. For example, you can thank everyone that interviewed you with some thank you notes. All the above steps will help you land a good job and make 2020 your best year. When offered a job position, thank the employer and ratify when you need to accept the job. Instead of answering on the spot, carefully consider if it is the right offer and decide whether you will need to negotiate your salary.


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