Classic Gift Giving

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You can spend hours racking your brains for that perfect gift for a special someone. Everyone talks about experience gifts, the gift of time or something engraved but very often something beautiful, understated and classic trumps all those ideas.

That’s why jewellery is very often an option that pleases everyone. Giving a piece of jewellery is a personal experience. It shows that you know the receiver so well that you have selected something you know they’ll love. It’s an intimate and thoughtful gift and we bring you some ideas on some beautiful ideas.

Birth Stones

A simple, thoughtful idea that shows you’ve put some time and effort into thinking about them. Find a chart with their birth stone and whether that’s pearl or diamond select something that really suits their style.

It might be a large, statement piece of jewellery such as drop earrings with intricate detail or a small ring that glitters with tiny but dazzling precious stones. You know them best and you know what will give them the wow factor on opening your gift.

Favourite Stones

It may be that they simply have their favourite jewels and colours and you’d love to add a piece to their collection. Check out Australian Opal Jewellery for your opal lover or hit the diamond specialists for a selection of beautiful rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Don’t discount watches in your buying choices. While you may be drawn to the more traditional jewellery sets a beautiful watch, complete with some precious stones, might be just the present that stands out from the crowd.

The Unusual

Perhaps your friend or relative is an understated wearer of jewellery and isn’t one for wearing diamonds, sapphires or the like. You’re still looking to buy something that’s uniquely them so why not look at some other material. Wooden jewellery is very much on trend right now and something that suits many people.

You might opt for a large chunky necklace, perfect for dressing up a plain t-shirt, shirt or dress. Or you may opt for beautiful earrings that set off that day outfit perfectly and can be dressed up or down depending on when and where your friend is heading to.

The fabulous thing about choosing a piece of jewellery is that it’s every bit as versatile as the person you’re choosing it for. You’ll find every conceivable shape, colour and price range on offer in bespoke boutique shops to the high street. You can find artisans crafting pieces from their home workshop or hop online and choose a necklace from a well known name. 

Whether your recipient prefers to fly under the radar with something tastefully small and expensive or prefers a more gregarious approach to their accessorising, you’re the one who knows what’s going to suit them. Shop around and find something that immediately tells you you’ve found just the right item for them.

When you’ve spent some time finding the perfect present, you’ll be confident that you’re the gift giver everyone wants to be.


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