Ideas For Looking After Your Home

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Looking after our home means lots of things to different people. For some, it means cleansing or purifying the air using a smudge stick and others opt for a deep clean. Another option open for you is to update the decor so that it feels fresh and positive. In fact, the previously two mentioned options can both be done alongside some decorating for complete home attention.

Painting & Wallpaper

The first thing we are going to take a look at is the largest surface in your home that should be freshened up every five years or so. The important thing to remember when you do decide to take on an interior decor project is that you need to have a plan going in, as in what do you want to get out of this situation? What we are going to look at decorating the rooms to suit their personalities, that is the needs of the room and what you use it for.

Colour psychology has become more and more popular in interior design circles thanks to the research that has been done into the effects colour has on our psyche. The idea when decorating with colour psychology is to design rooms to meet your needs so that you feel in that space how you should. For example, living rooms and bedrooms should use blues to create a soothing and calm environment. You can also use bold colours in hallways and other rooms to create the illusion of space. It is quite incredible the way the brain interprets different colours and schemes, so make sure you use this to your advantage whether you are choosing to paint or wallpaper.


As we focused above on the largest surface, we should look at the next sizeable area of your home; flooring. Once again you have plenty of options to consider here, but one thing that is important to remember is if you are going for a full decorating plan then do the floor after the walls. There are two reasons for this:

  1. You will avoid messing the floors up by getting decorating materials for the walls on it
  2. The floors should match the walls and this can only be determined by comparing samples to your new colour schemes

Once again you should focus on giving each room its own personality that matches up with how you use it. You might prefer to have a carpet in the bedroom because it tends to be warmer and more comfortable than hard flooring. However, the carpet in the kitchen is a disaster waiting to happen so vinyl tiles might be best.

Your Home

There are many ways that you can look after your home, but the main goal should be to do something that you are comfortable with. Decorating is a good step to take to keep your house feeling fresh and coupled with the other mentioned strategies you should maintain a peaceful and fresh house for longer.

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