5 Ways to Get Yourself Ready for the Party Season

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This time of year is arguably the most important when it comes to taking care of your beauty regime. Not only can this time be harsh on your skin because of the cold weather, but your calendar is likely to be jam packed with party dates. So, here’s how to get through the season looking fabulous.

Glow vs Tan

If your skin is lacking your usual Summer tint, you may be tempted to run to the store and pick up some fake tan. It can cover a multitude of sins, but it can also cause some avoidable problems. The last thing you want to do is turn up to a festive gig with dreaded tan lines visible for all to see. Try working on a natural glow instead. Take care of your skin well and change your make-up to suit the shade of your skin.

Remember Your Teeth

You get to the bar and a tall, dark and handsome stranger starts making eye contact. As he heads towards you, you catch your reflection and notice this mornings coffee stained across your smile. Nightmare! Grab yourself some charcoal teeth whitening before heading out and that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about if you happen to meet Mr. Right.

The Right Lipstick

It’s easy to underestimate how important lipstick is but it can set off your look perfectly or ruin it entirely. It can be the difference between getting noticed or remaining the wall flower. If you’re out to impress this season, make sure you put some effort into choosing the right lipstick. You can even build your outfit around a lipstick if you find a great one. Red is a great colour for this season but ask the make-up artist for advice if you aren’t sure what suits you.

Ready, Steady, Wax

No-one looks forward to getting waxed. It’s on the same par as spending hours with insufferable relatives at this time of year. But scheduling a wax before your calendar gets into full flow will mean you won’t have to think about it while you’re showing your best moves on the dance floor. You’ll never have to pull out those ugly pair of tights because you’ve forgotten to shave your legs and your man won’t be sleeping next to a yeti until January.

Little Black Dress

Most women are still on the lookout for the perfect little black dress, no matter what their age. That’s because the ideal little black dress is priceless. It is so versatile- classy, sexy, unwavering. When you have event after event to go to, it’s important to have a dress that will never let you down. That way, if you’ve bought a new outfit and find a rip or a botched zip, your little black dress is there in the wardrobe faithfully waiting to save the day.

These are great tips for making sure you’re ready for parties all month long, but the most important tip is to have fun!


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  1. I don’t even know if I’ll be going to any parties this year. Depends on if my boyfriend’s work has one. My work doesn’t do them.

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