Locked Out of Your House?!

building, door, entrance

We’ve all been there. The act of heading home after a long day sounds wonderful, and you may dream of putting your feet up and relaxing with your favorite book for six hours to unwind. You park your car in the driveway, walk to your front door in the pounding rain, and realize you left your keys inside, or at the now-closed office, or you misplaced them somewhere completely. Not only do you feel like a fool for forgetting the tool that helps you access your home, but you have to cope with standing there or sitting in your car until someone else arrives back to the house.

If you live alone, this might not even be an option. While you’re sitting inside or at the office now, and having double checked you know where your keys are, you might consider putting into place the following tips to help you if this eventuality ever happens to you:

Spare Key Somewhere Hidden

Many people hide a spare key outside the building, in order to gain access in this silly and forgetful moment. However, placing it underneath your mat or plant pot next to your door is absolutely obvious, and is the first place a would-be thief would look. It’s essential to place it somewhere hidden, ideally at least ten feet away from your front door. This will reduce the likelihood of someone untoward finding this. Each time you use it, be sure to switch the location also. That will alllow maximum security while helping you gain quick access to your home.

Keep Proof Of Your Home Ownership

It can be worthwhile to scan home ownership documents to your laptop security cloud, or your mobile device, or printed in your vehicle. Keep a few copies of this. That, along with your identification, should ensure a reputable Perth locksmith, such as Lock Stock & Farrell can identify your legitimate ownership of the home, and help you gain access with no need to further prove your residency. These services can be absolutely essential in helping you get into your home with minimal headaches and shame, so it’s important to keep their contact details in an address book, just in case you’re locked outside without internet access to speak of.


It might be sitting in your car is comfortable enough, but not everyone drives. As you wait for a remedy or for a locksmith, it can be worth having somewhere to sit and perhaps spend some time with a magazine. This is why an outdoor canopied seating area or simply a small designated relaxed zone in a garden shed can help you pass the time until you are finally allowed into your property. Also, of course be sure to purchase cat and maybe even dog entryways that can be opened with a key from the outside, to allow your pet to exit upon your authority if waiting outside and unable to feed for the time being. This could stop any nasty accidents from taking place inside your home.

With these tips, you can be sure and prepared for when you’re locked out.


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