Love The Home You’re In

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When you first move out, we guarantee that you’ll love the home you’re in. Everything about it will make you happy. But as time goes on, the love for the home seems to fade just a little bit. For one, you start to notice all of the things that you wish you could change, but that you know cost a little bit too much money. We all get house envy after a while, it’s natural. Just think of it as owning a car. You have it for around a year, and then all of the sudden it’s so out of date, and all you keep thinking about is the other cool cars on the road. However, we’re here to talk about houses, and we’re here to get some of that house envy down for you. You need to love the home you’re in, and here’s how you can do that.

Have You Got The Essentials?

Just because you’re Australian, and you live in an Australian home, doesn’t mean you’ve got the essentials such as air conditioning covered. A common misconception by the world is that we would turn into flames during the summer if we did not. Whilst that’s never going to happen, a home certainly is hard to deal with without it. Sometimes it can feel as though there is no escape from the heat. So, you need to check out websites such as if you don’t have any. The thing that puts people off the most is the fact that it’s just not the most efficient in a way, and it can mean a big expense. But if you use it and don’t abuse it, there’s not reason why you shouldn’t be able to own a unit. Plus, if you have young children, it’s going to prevent so many heat induced meltdowns around the home. As another bonus, you won’t even need to use it through the winter!

Do You Update the Decor?

This is the thing that winds people up the most. Whether you have paint, or wallpaper, decor becomes outdated every year or so. With paint, it’s not so much that it becomes outdated, but it becomes grubby. People run their fingers along it, knock it with bags, dogs get their dirty hair on it etc. So with paint, a new coat or two every year is fine. With wallpaper, you have the freedom to be so much more creative. Use websites such as Pinterest to spark some design ideas, and get your DIY hat on every year or so. It’ll help you to stay in love with the home you live in due to the ever changing look of it.

Do You Introduce New Tech?

New tech is exciting, and it helps to keep a home modern and entertaining. You should try and introduce new tech every so often, depending on what it is. For example, people are now becoming more and more interest in the little robot hoovers. They race around your home, following a mapped out path, and hoover up all of your floor.  It’s a cool and handy piece of tech that we think you’ll love.

Always make sure you’re finding a way to love the home you’re in, just like you did when you first moved in.

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