Are You Ready for Summer?


Hey guys!

It’s now Summer and you know what that means; beach days. I’ve got some tips and advice for y’all to ensure you’re ready to have the best Summer possibly while feeling confident! If you’re interested in knowing more, please keep reading.

Get Your Skin Flawless


Make sure that you exfoliate a couple of times a week, particularly if you’re planning on slicking on a coat of self tanning products before you go on vacation – that will help you achieve a smooth golden glow. If you’re concerned about dimply thighs, try out products like the smoothshapes cellulite treatment, and remember that the vast majority of women, even supermodels, have a little cellulite, so you’re definitely not out of the realms of the ordinary! Make sure that you keep moisturising your body, particularly after you shave your legs, and stock up on sunscreen with a high SPF to prevent your skin from any sun damage while you’re away.

Watch Your Eating Habits


Over Christmas, watching your eating habits is definitely easier said than done! But if you want to avoid packing on those holiday pounds, try to avoid eating in excess over the holidays. Even if your house is filled with delicious food, avoid snacking between meals when you can, and make sure that you stick to water instead of juice and soda, as they contain a lot of sugar and empty calories. Try to make food like sauces from scratch to avoid unnecessary additives. Make sure that you stay active over Christmas – if you’re a regular runner then keep up that habit. You might want to get out of the house away from the influx of family that’s descended on you anyway, and fresh air will clear your head and prepare you for the rest of the day.

Pick Out Your Swimsuit


It’s important to pick out a swimsuit that you feel good in for your beach look. If you’re slightly mismatched on your top and bottom half – for instance, if you’re pear shaped – then make sure that you get a separate top and bottom so it fits well. Order your swimsuit online so you can try it on in the privacy of your own home, and make sure that you jump up and down a few times when you’re wearing it to ensure that everything stays where it’s supposed to. You want to be able to swim and enjoy your time on the beach without worrying about popping out of your swimsuit!

Stay Confident!


Most of all, remember that no one is as critical of you as you are of yourself. The best way to look beautiful on vacation is to be smiling and to sincerely enjoy yourself. There’s nothing that will make you more approachable or enviable on vacation than happiness.

Amy x

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