Taking a Look At: Ulta3 Loves Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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Hey guys!

I’ve got an exciting post today on Ulta3’s new Spring & Summer 2016 Collection! If you haven’t heard of Ulta3, they’re basically a super affordable brand here in Australia which also have great quality products. Even before this collection was sent to me I’ve tried many of their lipsticks and nail polishes before and thought that they were all wonderful, especially for their price point! If you want to know what in their new collection please keep reading.

So in this collection they’ve released four new lipstick colours, five nail polishes and two eyeshadow palettes. So I’ll start of with the most exciting release – their eyeshadow palettes!

2016-08-11 11.04.41-2

Left to right: All About Eyes “Roses” Palette and All About Eyes “Nudes” Palette.

2016-08-11 11.15.432016-08-11 11.06.28

The swatches pictured above: the top row of eyeshadows in the palette appear at the bottom of my arm and continue up. (If that makes sense, sorry!)

Anyway, I was a little skeptical since these eyeshadow palettes are only $13.95 each but when I swatched them, I only had two words – holy pigmentation! I am seriously impressed with their pigment, as you can tell from the swatches above. The eyeshadows are also not very powdery, are extremely buttery and easy to blend on the eyes. In relation to pigmentation when applied to your lids, I found that they did need a little building up but I did use them without a primer, the end product was still amazing! I also love how tiny both palettes are, perfect for travelling. Both palettes have a beautiful colour range for everyday wear and they are definitely my favourite part of their collection.

2016-08-11 11.09.422016-08-11 11.10.01

They released four new shades into their collection and I received two, being 032 Sandal Woods (the swatch on the left) and 059 Vanilla Kisses (the swatch on the right). I’ve tried Ulta3 lipsticks before and loved them, same goes for these ones. They’re extremely comfortable on your lips and very pigmented. I do fine that you need to reapply as they do transfer when you eat and do fade out during the day. However, all their lipsticks are only $3.95! I still can’t get over how affordable they are and they have a huge range to choose from. These colours in their collection are definitely perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer, I’m in love.

2016-08-11 11.11.34

From left to right: Flower Power, Hot Sand, Spring Bloom, Sun Kissed and Summer Storm.

Lastly their nail polishes, each one costs $2.30. My favourite would probably be Spring Bloom which I’ve currently got on my nails. The nail polish is very opaque and dries quite quickly. I put on one layer on my nails and they’ve lasted FOREVER which is extremely impressive for the price point. I painted them last Saturday and today (the day I’m writing this) is Wednesday, there is hardly any chipping, only on the tips of my nails, even that is minor. These polishes are all such gorgeous shades, again extremely fitting for the Spring & Summer these years, I cannot wait to wear them all! They are definitely a steal and I would highly recommend them, especially for only $2.30 each.

I also believe this collection is limited edition so get on it ASAP! Click here to view the whole collection online.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you decide to try out anything!

Amy x

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