Top 5 FREE iPhone/iPad Utility Apps

iph_ne.jpgHey guys!

Today I’ll be sharing with you my top 5 iPhone utility apps that are free! If you’re interested please keep on reading and let me know what’s your fav app that makes your life just that tad bit easier!


1. Tripview! This app provides you with offline timetables for either buses, trains or ferries. It also has live tracking if you enable data. I have used this app for about 2 years and recently bought the full version. It is a life saver and so easy & convenient! This one comes with a lite version and a paid one – the paid one saves your trips.



2. Sleep Cycle. I recently purchased this and find it really cool – it monitors and tells you your patterns of sleep (what time you were in a light or deep sleep phase) based on your movement at night. It aims to wake you up when you are the most awake, which reduces the drowsy feeling when you wake up. I overall just find it cool that I can see my sleeping patterns and quality of sleep.


3. Yelp. This app tells you of nearby food restaurants, cafes, etc. It tells you the location and whether it is recommended by other users who have left reviews. It is handy to use when you don’t know where to eat! This app can be used world wide too, I believe.


4. Clue. Helps track the time of the month (which is always helpful!).


5. MyHomework app. This actually helps me remember to do homework (if I don’t write it down I completely forget…) and keeps everything organised. Great alternative if your school doesn’t provide you with a diary and you don’t want to go out and purchase one. (Soo nerdy, I know).

Thanks for reading guys, leave a comment letting me know if you use any of these/as I said before your must have app so I can check them out too!

Amy x

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